A month made for dreams


The month of March enters our lives with a completely different energy than February. Maybe February was grinding, cleaning, holding us in place at this moment and time, which was good because it enabled us to accumulate energy, while March feels like a month made for dreams.


This will be a month of opening up and operating at some higher vibration than before. Softer and more relaxed energies will be available, and these will support us on the path of healing the heart, taking care of ourselves, and strengthening the determination to go on our way, even though this path may have seemed impossible or blurred in February.


Clean energy is available in March, so connect to it and turn off all distractors. This way you will be best protected from the low vibration influences that of course remain and will fight for their existence. Of course, this job is up to you! This energy level will not be activated by itself. These energies of March will help with keeping the vibration high.


March will be a month of great promises.


To me, this shows very encouraging energies for whatever you set out to accomplish in March or the longterm. With that in mind, I suggest that you turn your attention in March to things that you found difficult to achieve and therefore pushed to the sidelines. These will begin to move forward more easily. Like the river, it flows on, regardless of the circumstances and obstacles on its path. A clean and rushing river always paves its bed and has its own rhythm that transcends time and space. The last comparison reminds me of our soul, which also has its own rhythm that transcends time and space. The river along this route also offers a home and life to many who find themselves next to or in it. This metaphor carries the power of a message for March that is yet to be revealed. I will let myself be surprised along the path of March and keep you updated too.


This metaphor in March also represents a cosmic antiseptic that will miraculously transform the still living or not yet fully healed wounds of the soul.


Since March is an exceptional month for manifestation. I am offering my personal a Monthly Guide for manifestation for only € 7. Click here for instant access. Some of you already have it, and I encourage you to use it every day, not just monthly.

Increasingly, images of a 5-dimensional Earth are being drawn, the essence of which is that giving and receiving are in balance. This scale, however, is still very dynamic with a lot of people I come in contact with, including me.


Do you also feel that you are constantly giving but not receiving so much? If this is the case, then I advise you to call your guardian angel now and ask him/her to bring balance to this relationship. Even such a small call for help can have an enormous effect in the field.


If you allow yourself, March will take you up on its wings. The darker or heavier parts of the past will only be a reminder of where you’ve been and what is possible, but they will no longer have a real impact on your vibration and decisions. The month will be extremely stimulating for well-being. But you will need the courage to allow yourself to have a really big dream take you to the next step on your path.


It will still be important to surround yourself with people who will feel the same way as you and help you keep the vibration high. With those who know what courage is and what it means to make courageous and empowered decisions.


Finally, after two months of a slow breakthrough of energy that held us at the moment and did not support big dreams, but very down-to-earth action from the present moment (which is also good), now comes the moment of inspired action. There is also a message that you can move forward courageously and that you will be protected on this path.


Everything is open. Things will transform faster than before, so pay attention to what you really want. Enjoy a gentle breath of happiness, relief, and joyful development of the events in March.


A personal message


A lot of things in the world are changing, from monetary systems to ways of traveling, to freedom trying to be taken away at all levels. I have a feeling these things are more serious than we can perceive on some unconscious level of cognitive dissonance. COURAGE is at the forefront. The courage to move forward cautiously, but with a great deal of light and vibrational harmony with what we want to CREATE IN THE WORLD.


However, this alone will not be created. Nothing external will create what we want to see in the world. The more we are leaving important decisions to institutions – that are still made of people, you and I – to decide on our behalf, the more limited we will be in our right to live freely.


Let me also remind you that Passionate Living programs are designed for just that, to help you make empowered decisions and inspired actions steps toward your best life, and passionate business. For more information and to talk about what they can bring you in the material world, how you can transform your current challenges. Book your call now.


With love, Tamara


The energy of March will encourage concentration. You will be able to focus in one direction and make wise decisions. Plan and act. Act as planned.


You will need to protect your back. You can protect it energetically, which I highly recommend. I will do pure energy transmission in my FB group here to help you with that.


Focus your energy on letting go, on letting go of past relationships so that the feminine and masculine consciousness come into balance.

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