April, I feel, will be quite a rainy month. It can be a metaphor for some parts of the world but in our part of the world a reality. Rain nurtures not only nature but also symbolizes an overflow of abundance in April.


But too much rain can also cause clogs. For example, if the ground is not able to soak all the rainfall, it can cause flooding, landslides, clogs, etc. Make sure the flow through your pipes is not clogged free, the drains are unclogged and, if possible, the rainwater collector is ready. It will come in handy later in the dry months.

A lot of rain can also mean a lot of emotions, awakening of libido, cleansing, and due to the abundant flow of energy also the formation of blockages.

Be conscious, because you don’t want the abundance of April to pass you by. Let me explain. Emotions will be at the forefront of April. I advise you to allow them to express and to purify what is still unrefined. The need for intimacy and sexuality will be intensified. Allow this creative energy to be released through sexuality as well, if not so try to store it.

The energy of April will be cleansing, but due to the occasional strong energy showers, it can also cause tensions in the body. So take good care of your meridians, the chakra system in the body in general. The meditation of the 12 chakras of ascension will also be of great help do that. You will get it for free when you book a session with me in April.

Those who will know how to store, expand and manage their energy dynamically will gain the most in April.


You can do it like this:

1. Sit quietly, breathe naturally and focus on your energy.
2. Start playing with your energy.
3. Consciously expand and then shrink the energy, send it to a specific place.
4. Try doing this for at least 20 minutes. You should feel your energy strengthening by then.
5. Store the excess energy that will be created in your center of power, tantien.


It is advised for the food industry to start storing surplus rainfall. As for the emotions that will be probably spilling over the glass. I suggest that you allow them to express themselves and then let them fade away. This goes for both high and low vibrational emotions. Therefore, in April, devote time to balancing your overflowing emotions and help others do the same.

Intuitively, a great abundance will also be pouring over us. So how do we accumulate it so that it does not pass us by? All of the above is of course true and I advise you to take it into account.

In addition to that, also:

  • Invest wisely, according to the idea, more is more. So invest in things that will bring you added value energetically and materially.
  • Store your energy. In other words, don’t give it away.
  • Don’t plan too much in advance, but add weight, add energy to your purpose for April. In other words, don’t scatter your vision too much into the future. Anchor your April purpose each day very consciously. Before that, of course, devote some time to shaping the purpose for April. Keep in mind that a great abundance will be poured out on us. My Monthly manifestation guide will help you do that efficiently and in alignment with your highest good and the highest good of the planet.


Mary Magdalen’s church in Jerusalem

April also starts with the Easter holidays, which for me symbolize the energy of Christ, and reminds me of the eternal soul and spirit and the immeasurable power and alchemical qualities we have as eternal beings. We celebrate it the year after year and try to live it, but so far collectively we have not succeeded yet. Maybe, because in reality, we do not trust it.

With that comes the message that things will never get better if we don’t improve them ourselves. Instead of celebrating something external, let us accept this consciousness of God or Christ within and live it every day without compromise. We don’t need long and complicated laws, constant rules that are usually restrictive, and instructions on how to do things. We just need a few simple and humanity-friendly values that we follow and do not deviate from them. These need to be nurtured, respected, and strengthened every day.

April will want to encourage us, or perhaps even force us to free ourselves from the constraints that curtail our sovereignty given to us along with the responsibility to take good care of this planet, for ourselves, and for the common good. On the latter, we still have a lot of work to do. I am convinced that each of the Earthlings is called to this in their own way.

Although I have been on the path of professional transformational work for almost ten years intending to create a Passionate living and a successful business using intuition, I still see how difficult it is for people, myself included, to change habits. I work on that consciously every day and try to do things differently than before, with a higher vibration. So, I know how much purpose there must be in changing habits. But it pays off exponentially as my experience shows.


Linear time is on our side and time is also the best indicator of progress. Between this moment and the next moment, however, faith, self-confidence, and the good of all humanity are strong enough factors to maintain perseverance on the path of internal and later also external change.


April will not be as much a month of change as it will be a month of mass cleansing, which my feeling is will be going on in the backgrounds and not necessarily in front of our eyes. So, pay attention to your dreams, your subconscious, your thoughts, and the energy of the people you will be in contact with more than what they will actually say. Also pay attention to your conflicting words and thoughts, which will not be beneficial for the realization of your intentions. They will be keeping you stuck in the same place.

If you want to strengthen your personal energy and power management with your energy, with your thoughts, and create habits that will help you fast forward in manifestation get yourself into my  Elite Mind course a.s.a.p. (book a call to find out more here).

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I wish you a beautiful month, lots of sunshine – there will be plenty of sun too – and energy bypasses to help you channel your energy into prosperity, sovereignty, and inner strength.


With Love, Tamara





April energy will just want to lift your burdens. However, this cannot happen if you do not allow it yourself. Trust is key here and letting go of the need for control.


New possibilities will open in April and I advise you to tap into them with a sound portion of caution and confidence in yourself and your intuition. Fear of innovation, indecision, playing the safety card will be challenges and blockages in the flow of abundance.


In April, I advise you to put the purpose of the well-being of humanity before your personal purpose. Pave your way in this regard and you will progress even better on the path of your personal tasks.

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