I was interviewed for Michelle’s Reinhardt’s  EGU Podcast for Conscious Awakening and Emerging Souls. Michelle is bringing Global Experts each week to Inspire and guide your unparalleled success in Mindset, Energy, Business and all things spiritual to help you ‘Thrive’.

I invite you to turn off your zings and pings for the next 40 minutes and tune in as we take you into an experience with telepathic transmission with dolphins and whales and how they can help us Access deeper levels of consciousness – and why we would want to do that? To experience Healing, Joy and expansion with Dolphins and Whales is an out of this World experience.

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This extraordinary show shares direct experiences with Dolphins.
telepathic transmission of information from them to me (different from communication with spirit)
experience with whales. Experience how dolphins live without limits and the wise love of whales.

Together we take you on an intuitive journey to help you accept personal responsibility to living an extra-ordinary life, the life you signed up for, the one that is your birth right. We share many tips and trick to help you understand and feel into your intuition and use these new feelings, information and knowledge in your life so you trust that and not necessarily what you’re hearing, fine tuning you for exceptional experiences in your life.

We give you some Mindset hacks and hacks to over ride ‘free will’ and share some Divine telepathic wisdom from Dolphins.
“Divine and powerful Messages from Dolphins”
“Feel the joy and when you don’t expect anything you will receive everything”
“Shifts happen in the vibration of Joy. What will bring me the vibration of Joy. Please bring me the energy of Joy. Free gift….joy with dolphins.
“the planet is shifting we need the children’s light – we need to help kids (understand them and see them as the magnificent beings of light that they are) stay in the light”
“The universe is of a feminine vibration, creative energies are natural to us as well as manifestation”

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