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Dolphins greeted me again, being on the island of Hawaii after three years. This time they honoured me by swimming very close and putting their babies on my side, so that I could see them. That is as locals said an expression of their trust in me. There were lots of mothers with babies in the pod that we were swimming with.



I felt a deep sense of feminine energy being there in the ocean with them as they slowed down for us for a while.




Did you know that dolphins are known to be using 20% of their brain and they telepathically communicate with us if we are open to receiving?

I learned to telepathically communicate with them when I was swimming with them for the first time in 2012. It kind of came naturally to me. On my first day I was over excited to be with them and my energy was keeping them on a distance. Later on when I was more relaxed instead of overexcited, and learned how to just be there in a now, they came closer and somehow messages started to come through as a deep sense of knowing when being around them.

Since then I can connect with them at any time, any place, even when they are not physically present. Although I must admit that there is a different kind of connection when being in the water with them, where all the senses are being super activated and information travel faster than through ether.


God is a Woman

As said I was on Big Island in February 2016 for the third time, enjoying the tropical climate, and bringing people to enjoy energies of the island, that were offering us deep connection both with the earth, ourselves and the stars.


Sign in the clouds – Slovenia

I saw a sign in the clouds that I will be there, although it didn’t seem so just few months prior to our retreat. I was driving home with kids as winter sun was going down early. I must say we have amazing sunset where I live, and sometimes I tend to forget that, because it is something “not special” because we have them daily. As I was driving, clouds and deep orange colour of the sky caught my attention. I couldn’t believe the sign in the cloud at first, so I had to stop. I asked my kids, to look at the cloud and tell me what they see. They both saw what I saw, a clear image of a dolphin.

Few months forward. I was overwhelmed with happiness about the fact that I will be swimming with spinners again. Overwhelmed with their energy of joy I felt their joy about me being there too. It kind of look-felt like I was catching my breath while swimming hard with my flippers, snorkel and a mask on. It was one of those feelings when I felt like I was swimming like a world champion, because suddenly I could swim so fast, with such grace and ease.

It felt for a moment like I was one with the pod. I was free, joyful in my element – water – where I can move freely, and tropical ocean near Kona coast in Hawaii provided gentle, cozy and cleansing energy. I was open to receiving and suddenly their vibration struck me.

This time they telepathically communicated to me much larger picture of perception of femininity

The message struck me in the exact moment when I was overwhelmed with a sense of motherly love mixed with feminine soft energy of happiness, all and more mixed together, when being with the pod that had so many new babies. Being a mother of two, I know exactly how that feels.

When dolphins are swimming in a pod, they represent a common field of consciousness. One of them – it was a mother of a little one mentioned before – made an eye contact with me and that was the moment when collective consciousness of this pod, this energy field, and this information was conveyed directly to my brain. I also had a strong bodily sensation of love going through me.


They said that the universe is a feminine vibration.








When I got out of warm tropical waters of Hawaii, I joked about it and said that I just had the epiphany that god is a woman. But seriously, the message was more about the creation, because the power of creation is feminine principle and this is how new things are created or manifested in to this world. The force that is holding that space for creation and helps with the manifestation is masculine energy. But ability to create or creativity itself is feminine vibration.

It is safe to be feminine in this still masculine world for us women or man for that matter, who have a desire to express their feminine side more freely. There is no such power as the power of creation, joy and just being who you truly are and be fine with it. And that is feminine energy. It works behind the scenes of every creation whether people acknowledge it or not.

Don’t misunderstand me here; I am not diminishing masculine energy here. For better understanding of what I am talking about I want you to know that I believe in the fact that both poles – feminine and masculine – need to be synchronised for better results, more joyful, happier life, fulfilled life.

I just want to convey a deeper meaning of the message I got from dolphins. That is, that it is OK to be a woman in this still masculine world and still be successful, and live fulfilled life without having the need to sacrifice anything.


It is often said that play is the greatest expression of intelligence, and whales and dolphins are among the most playful of all in the animal kingdom. Besides their field is so powerful.



A dream come through


Swimming with free dolphins was my dream for 40 years. When I played the game of who would you be if you were and animal as a child, I was always a dolphin. Fast-forward to 40 years later, they literally called me to Big Island in 2012.

There were several signs of why I should go there before I decided. I saw them in my dreams; in meditation several months before the opportunity to actually meet them presented itself. And then when I was at an event I meet someone that has helped me see the way to Big Island, and experience swimming with free dolphins and connect with them more on a spiritual and energetic level.

Done! A trip booked, all ducks aligned. Ready to go! It is that moment when you simply know, without knowing where things that you need for that to happen will come from.

My first day of in the ocean to meet the dolphins was filled with excitement. I so wanted their attention but to my disappointment they keep their distance.


My desire was too big and I was too tense, craving for their attention.


As by the law of attraction they keep their distance. On the second day in in the ocean along the Kailua Kona coast I was much more relaxed and staying in the moment. I loved every moment of it. We swam with the dolphins and they got closer than the day before. I remember having and eye contact with one of them and he or she, I am not sure, telepathically send a message to me.


Feel the joy. When you don’t expect anything, you can expect everything.

It hit me like a lightning ball. Such a simple, yet powerful message. This experience profoundly changed my life and me forever. It is impossible to explain it with words. It was this field, this sense of creation, this inner strength and inspiration that anything is possible and that I can really dream big. But not only that. I also felt that I can live my dreams, which I never felt so powerful before

Volcano and Transformation


Rainbow at Volcano

Rainbow at Volcano

Big Island itself offers ways for transformation not only in soothing, soft and warm tropical water with whales and dolphins, but also through harsh, uncomfortable and powerful energies of Volcano and its goddess Pele. I was ready in 2016 for that too.

Prior traveling to the island a client wanted to know what she could expect from this trip. She asked that question several times. I intuitively connected and wanted to help her with the answer. But we weren’t allowed to take a pick at what is to be. The information wasn’t available.


And so are the energies on the island. They certainly keep us in the now. Which is great, because it is the only way I know we can free our mind and body and enjoy the moment. And that is THE moment of possibilities, that moment where everything is possible.


Puzzle coming together


It took a few years for all the pieces of the puzzle to fall in to place. When I was preparing to go to Big Island for the first time in 2012 a gentle voice woke me up early in the morning few months earlier. It was saying Ocean View, Ocean View… At first I though it was my husband whispering in my ear, because it was so real. I looked at him and he was still sleeping. It was something else, a voice, and a presence. I feel asleep again.

When I woke up again the first thing I did was goggling Ocean View. I found that it was a part of Big Island, the island that I was going to visit soon. I didn’t know why I got that information at that time, because I was visiting the island solely for the purpose of swimming with dolphins, but I was sure that it meant something.

Few months later my husband and I were actually on the island and driving towards the area called Ocean View. I have had an image in my mind of how that places would look like, judging by its name. It was all about sandy beaches, lush tropical gardens, and beautiful houses by the ocean. You can imagine the rest.




Instead – to my shocking surprise – what I came to was nothing but lava rocks from up to the bottom and left and right all the way to where my eyes could sea. I was shocked and started repeatedly saying out loud I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it… until my husband got nervous, knowing my expectations were again very different, and he said: Stop saying that!



Ocean View

There was truly nothing there but black lava rock and few houses.


I was wandering about who would live there? It looked liked what being on the moon would look like to me. That was it for the time. Visualization of lush environment, sandy beaches a paradise turned in to a shock. I was wondering later why I was called there. Was that the reflection of my life? Is that what is meant for me, simple life, no luxury, no fun, just going deeper and deeper?

In 2016 I was passing through Ocean View towards the Volcano again and started talking to a friend about my experience. As she was telling me about who lives in that area and one word lead to another it finally started to make sense. I was overwhelmed by a deep sense of belonging there and a powerful message from goddess Pele came through.

She said that there is my connection to the stars and this land that regardless of its first sighted dullness offers fertile land, full of wealth, for growth. It reflected back to me that our lives are canvases and we can paint them with whatever we like. We come here with fullest potential and it is up to us what chooses to grow.

And you know what, I really felt the connection to the island, to the starts. It was so real. I have had this deep knowing that there is so much more to life than this and that our star families are here watching over us, sending us information we need to fully awaken and step in to our personal responsibilities for living life on Earth in full potential.

Different peaces of the puzzle started to become a whole picture. This picture is not completed yet, because there is a lot more to be discovered and the vastness of the world I started to step in can be scary sometimes. But there is a sense of connection in me. It is like I found the right station, or frequency so that I can be tuning in…


Black Sand and Volcano


Black sand beach

Black sand beach

Entering Volcano part of the island we stopped at Black Sand Beach. It used to be a healing place and it is still very energetic place that offers healing to those who are open to receiving it. Spending time there, releasing, or I could say burning out the residuals of stagnant energy, works miracles. It helped us open up to new level of awareness and presence in this time and space. We were warmly welcomed to Volcano area by goddess Pele, offering us numerous individual ways to experience the Volcano and transform our lives thus turning dull areas of our lives in to a lush, sunny and rich landscape.

This puzzle is not completed yet and the story continues in March 2017. You are welcome to join us and bring some of these transformational energies in to your life, but mostly joy and knowing that anything you can think of is possible.


There is magic in Paradise


From the left:  Hillo side of Big Island, My balancing statue at Pololu valey, Akaka fals


From the left: Whails sanctuary, Entering Polulu valey, Lava tube


From the left: Crater of Mauna Kea, Black sand beach – pond, At the top of Mauna Kea, 4200m


Personal stories describe our lives in most vivid way

Here is one them.

There have been several unsuccessful attempts to go to Hawaii. As a child, waiting for the desired toy, I was waiting for my moment learning to be patient along the way. And the teacher comes when the student is ready. There came Hawaii in all its glory.

I wasn’t aware of what I am really getting into when I was packing to go to Hawaii, although I was persistently asking my spiritual guides. It seemed quite mysterious. What can happen, I thought, this is just a few islands in the middle of endless ocean?

And it started happening. As if a magical wind would blow the circumstances, things have become different in the moment I stepped out of the plane in Kona. Warm breeze caressed my face and my senses suddenly came to life, even those I didn’t think I have. Flowers of welcome around my neck smelled really nice.

ZDENKAPETERNEL copyFourteen days is really almost not enough to view everything that would be worth a visit. Our intention was not of a classical tourist nature, although we have looked at a lot of sites. I was more of a spiritual nature.

It is difficult to say what was most impressing whether it was swimming with free dolphins, viewing the stars, visit the Volcano or workshops with Tamara, socialising with people who live there or dealing with all those barriers that I put my way. Yes, all of this. It was all happening simultaneously, as they wanted me to release, transform, clear everything before…

Swimming with dolphins is an experience that I can’t compare it with anything. Dolphins come in a group, they were playful, and especially babies and they were extremely come. The energy of this really takes over and I merged with the environment. Endless blue of the ocean helps open up the awareness of connection with everything.

Almost every day I was in the water and the water is the one that was washing of all that I did not need more. Each new day brought something new, new challenges, new insights and answers as well.

In Hawaii, everything becomes easier in the sense that things are quickly transformed, things become clearer and herby the end results are appropriate.

Spaces for meditation in parks were unique, the energy supported us and I could really expected the unexpected. I got the feeling that Hawaii offer connection to other dimensions, planets and the universe, the source. It’s really special and magical place. In a way, I would say that time run differently and that everything is happening just in time. A sense of presence, here and now is more powerful, senses are more awaken.

It was happening all the time in Hawaii, always something new, different or in a new way. When I was dealing with my blocks Tamara was always there with her broad knowledge and intuitive support. Thank you. It was magical.

Retreat in Hawaii would like each year, and each year would be different, special and unique. Notwithstanding the fact that this is a small piece of land in the middle of the sea, but energy is really magnificent and this is a place that is worth to you check out, you experience a look and insider eyes. In the end, you never get the same home as you go on a journey.


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