May comes with plenty of solar energy. Prepare an umbrella to keep you in the shadow so that a strong surge of energy won’t exhaust you because the body will not be used to it yet. It looks like things will start to calm down globally, at least temporarily for this month, and life will go on with a more normal pulse for now.


Abundance is in the forefront in May


Fragmented energy will be more easily directed. Direct it to the path where you feel the most joy. In Passionate living, following the energies of April and May, we are dedicating our energy to raising the consciousness of abundance and to living outside the limitations following the instructions of the soul. Therefore, I am heartily inviting you to speed up your flow of abundance by joining us in one of the following projects:



Worth IT – raising the consciousness of abundance and self-worth training.


Intuitive Leader – A 6-month program that will lead you deep into trusting your inner wisdom, charisma, and authentic expression in the world.




You can easily step into the flow with financial abundance, which is crystallizing as one of the most important supporting pillars of self-development and moving into harmonious living, by the whispers of the soul and open-heartedness, to 5D:


1. Visualize yourself standing under a silver waterfall of light pouring over you in the shape of a cylinder.

2. Feel yourself under the silver shower. Calmly breathe the light into the abdomen through the nose.

3. Now visualize Grigori Grabovoi’s numbers for finances in silver color: 71427321893. When you visualize this set of numbers, imagine the amount of money you want to manifest in a certain period, for example until the end of the year. Add a set of numbers to develop high intuition – 35986 to this concentration.

4. Concentrate on that for at least 3 to 4 minutes. You can concentrate on both sets of numbers at the same time or separately for 3 to 4 minutes.

5. Conclude the concentration by saying: I am fixating the result or so it is.

Do this concentration until you feel it works. However, I am recommending that you exercise this concentration for at least one month every day.




This exercise will also indirectly help you to increase the fluidity of the light through your body, as the strong sunlight can also affect increased fatigue. You can also attribute it to spring fatigue on our side of the globe, but it’s much more than just that. Our body is preparing for a transformation into a more crystalline structure than before. With this comes the encouragement that it is also necessary to take good care of it and protect it from artificial chemicals, which are found in medicines and personal care products, in food, and, last but not least, in the air. The body needs help to be able to balance itself and activate its spiritual potential.

May energies also come with the message to consciously allow ourselves to harmonize from within and from without. Just be in May and let the light of your soul guide you. There may not be as many opportunities as there were in April, but the energy of softness and harmony will be abundantly available.




Another, not so beautiful reality will become clearer. There comes a vision that a real glass ceiling will be placed among those who manage to achieve harmony and softness and among those who remain behind, rooted deeply in fear. However, those who stay under the glass ceiling will not be able to get through it, even if they really want to. This vision also suggests that those of us who manage to rise above the vibration of fear in May, at least to the vibration of courage, will have a beautiful view and a way forward in much greater clarity than perhaps April.

Everyone has the free will to decide for themselves in their time available here. The important thing – and this again comes with capital letters – is to



Courage is still at the forefront and lets it guide you. Remember that time is on your side, even though decisions made from love and harmony at a given moment may not prove to be the best path at first glance. But they will always bring you a lot of abundance in the long run.



May comes more than a kind of month of observing and admiring beauty. If you can spend it somewhere in beautiful nature, you will get the most out of it. The goal of May should be harmony. Harmony from within, harmony from without. This law is still working flawlessly and will be at the forefront in May.


It also looks like it’s going to be pretty windy, so take the time to let the wind blow through your aura, your body, your thoughts, your projects, your whole life, your home, everything you fuse with your energy. The wind will help you release stagnant energy, but not in such a difficult purifying sense, but in a lighter way.



A lot is going on inside us in chemical terms as well, as, with larger amounts of scalar and other energies available in a larger frequency range than ever before, our DNA also changes. Its dormant parts are activated. Everything is really taken care of, but only if you do not allow this “divine” particle in the chemical structure of your DNA to be deactivated or taken away.

I wish you a wonderful and harmonious May and I cordially invite you to the Passionate Living family by joining us at the events and programs.

We also have new dates for HAWAII MASTERMIND – INTUITIVE LEADERS RETREAT. Join us on the path of expanding consciousness and human potential with dolphins and whales.



With love, Tamara

Benefits of May 2021

Self-worth and self-esteem are at the forefront and Mays energies will help strengthen them. This process will be extremely accelerated and thus the flow of abundance.

Challenges of May 2021

May will challenge your determination, focus, and courage. Consequently, evading responsibility will also be one of the major challenges.

Where to steer your energy in May

It will be necessary to make changes in your life. Yes, I know, these constant changes. However, they are needed and in May especially exposed. First of all, I suggest that you focus on strengthening your self-worth and consolidating the vibration of courage. If you need help or intuitive guidance with that, I suggest you book a call with me or join WORTH IT training.

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