Where your focus is, your energy flows, and there are the results.


The words written above are a universal law that works unconditionally. Look back in your life and see how this law manifested. Remember the learning and continue moving on wiser.


We are in the middle of the year when we usually look back on the past half year and after a short summer break, we start planning. Harmony and balance are still at the forefront. If you root them well, they will serve you best especially at the beginning of the next year, when you will need them more than ever. The guidance is that you need to invest your time and energy in creating a good foundation of harmony and balance, now!


Also, review your vision board if you have one and update it. The latter comes as an extremely important matter, which I will certainly do in July. Given that I’m already quite adept at listening to intuition, I advise you not to miss this guidance. This will be a great investment in the future.


July will be a month of released energy. The message is that we should use it as much as possible for socializing, holidays and creativity. Put the latter on your vision board and let this “holiday” rhythm slowly become your way of life.


For all of you who have been in my programs and workshops, I advise you to add to your vision board the Ank, a ritual of the key to life according to the ritual instructions that were part of June’s Intuitive guidance. If you were part of my new program Worth it, also ad your 6D money tree to it. The message is that by doing so, you will be strongly stimulating waves of energy that will help make your dreams a reality more accurately and faster.


However, I suggest that you include a safeguard for positive realization in this process, as I call it. Namely, we never 100% know where we are in our consciousness and energy. The latter can be measured, but the best measure of this is your excellent psycho-physical well-being. In short, include the text on your renewed vision board or ritual of the key to life: Let it happen for the good of me, everyone involved, and the entire planet. Thank you.


July is the month of awakened state and open eyes


Also, turn your energy inward. The energy of the month will be warm and welcoming. Keep bathing yourself with a relaxed, and accepting energy free of control. Awakened state, mindfulness is extremely important. And if you are mindful, you will feel and be able to receive this energy more easily. Toddlers will reflect this, because they may even see firefly-like lights that are invisible to the average, not-so awakened eye.


The worlds will be intertwining with each other; nature, the human world, the spiritual world, and worlds of other dimensions. There is a kind of unification that is taking place in July similar to what was happening many centuries ago when man discovered the dimensions of the Earth and new cultures, plant, and animal species. The world, therefore, continues to expand.


But the question is, how to find your place in this world of constant expansion? The answer is in the palm of your hand. By staying awake and extremely present at a given moment. The mind will not serve you too much here, it is necessary to develop the ability to feel. If you have been in the Intuitive Leader program, start practicing the observation exercise from the first module, which will help you with this.


If you feel the call of the soul if you feel the awakening of the sleeping parts of yourself and you do not yet know exactly how to live it 100%, maybe even take it to a more advanced level of service to the world with your talent in work and relationships, I am inviting you to book a free strategy call. Passionate Living programs have also gained momentum in the last year and developed even more. They matured. Now they are whole and within the Passionate Living, you can progress more easily, more comprehensively, and with the strong energetic support of the community faster than ever before.


So in July:


1. Renew your vision board and include lightness, dreams, and holidays as a new way of life.

2. Observe, listen, and do not react.

3. Accept the wonderful energy of realizing your dreams, or to put it bluntly, let go of control and allow a much larger part of yourself connected to the universal internet to help you live creatively.

July is a month made for dreams.

It’s about waking awake dreams. You can gain a lot when you go into a state of lucid dreaming, that is, a state when you are aware of your dreams.


Try to dream them as follows:


1. Arrange your bedroom nicely so that it will be cozy.

2. Before going to bed, say something like: I vividly remember my dreams. I wake up rested, vital, and full of energy.

3. Keep a dream diary with you and keep track of it. Also, analyze the dream later.

4. Intent to wake you up when you go into REM sleep mode.

5. When in a lucid state you remain in your dreams, but at the same time, you’re conscious of your dreams.

6. Unravel your dreams to the end.


I wish you a wonderful July. Let it be intertwined with the most beautiful dreams.


With love, Tamara



July is a great month to pass on your knowledge, as it will also be easier for students to master it.



July will be a month of crossroads when you will have the opportunity to choose your destiny or a programmed life. The challenge will be in trusting and recognizing what the call of the soul is.



Focus your attention on the healing energy that flows through you and your palms to the other person, to the situation you want to harmonise. Say YES to change.

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