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I still remember my passion and desire for new knowledge, based on which I was able to make sense of my role on this planet, all the events that happened to me, and the darkest night of my soul that I went through. Like Marjana, whose story I am sharing in today’s blog, I was ready for almost anything.


It’s interesting how our brains work, always wanting to prepare us for the worst-case scenario when we finally embark on the path of the soul and say YES to ourselves. That’s how my mind worked at the time. I was even prepared for a divorce, even though there was no reason for it. Anyway, why not prepare for the worst-case scenario, right?




Today, I know this is a waste of time and energy. Today, I trained my mind to prepare myself for the best possible scenario. Today, I know that this is the enrichment of energy, empowerment, and the path of positive self-development. What ifs don’t exist in my scenarios anymore.


I invite you to dive into Marjana’s Sitar Malics transformation story.


The INTUITIVE LEADER program is a journey. It is a journey into your depths as you get to know yourself better and into new vast expansion as you become aware of your abilities and strengths. 


Tamara led us safely step by step, personal goals were set, but the path spontaneously leads me where it is needed to go. The mood was changing, fluctuating in all of the colors of the rainbow. The progress I first saw was in the area of ​​self-love, it’s kind of an unplanned surprise in the program. I’ve felt more compassion in relationships, I’m more understanding, maybe I feel more grace as well. I perceive more of the gentler feminine energy around me and within me. Again later, at times I am overwhelmed by self-confidence, especially at work I dare to do more on my own and I am aware that I will stand behind what I have done. It doesn’t scare me, it rather liberates me from being able to think with my head and act my way.


The notion of the word intuition becomes familiar. It’s not something that’s out there, far away. It became a part of me.


When I figured out which of the intuitive channels is my strongest, now I can confidently say that when I really know something, nothing can convince me that it’s not true because I just know. It’s most often just some feeling about someone or some realization.


I didn’t notice my leaps and bounds of progress as quickly as they happened. While reading the older modules of the program, I suddenly felt how far I have come in this program. If we look at things very closely, we see no difference. Many times, we have to step back a little, look from afar, look at things backward, look at the point where we once were to feel how long we have walked. This is exactly what I noticed during the program at times when I looked from afar. I have come to know, feel and be aware of in this program a lot of stuff that was laying dormant and I didn’t realize it is working behind the scenes.


I began to separate the mind from the whispers of heart and soul. I know more and more clearly when the mind speaks. 


More and more often and boldly, I simply tell the mind, “You don’t stand a chance!” Because I already know that one only needs to be aware of and overcome this mind trap.


At times during the program, it seemed that my progress has slowed down a bit, but the very next day I may have had an experience with my loved ones that opened up a new perspective on our relationships and my position in them.


Some modules are more to my measure, some less. Some tasks seemed difficult to me and I wonder how I will perform them. In the end, it always turns out that such thinking is pointless. I did all the exercises. On the other hand, it so happened that as soon as I flew over the module on the first day, I knew right away that this module would be a real pleasure for me. And I really enjoyed it so much that I did the assignments quickly and practically finished the module in the middle of the month.


I see great progress in the ability to feel gratitude. The exercise before bedtime when I wrote about what I am grateful for today has brought me to feel gratitude many times during the day. Unlike before, when I reacted to something with anger and hurt, now I somehow stop, observe, and instead of negative emotions, compassion grows in me. There is no anger at all anymore. Of course, this does not mean that this is always the case, but it is becoming more common. 


I developed a sense of my energy level in the program. I feel when it is lower and when it is higher. It’s lower many times when I go shopping. It also falls at work. I am constantly aware of this and try to lift it. With thoughts, awareness, a presence at the moment. I know life is a fluctuation and you can’t always be up. The up and down curve alternates.


When I looked back at the penultimate module, I am now undoubtedly a different person from the first day of the program. The emphasis, the focus of the work has changed a bit, but only temporarily, and on those contents that are fundamental and a prerequisite for me to be able to focus on the previous goals. Above all, I softened, I learned to indulge more, the lightness also came, and this process is still going on, It is not over yet, I will soften even more. This process happened not intentionally, spontaneously. It emerged as a prerequisite for my progress. Increasingly, I have a strong awareness that I am outside the matrix of which I was a part before. It’s like I’m watching this world madness from the outside and I’m cut off from it. I have more sense of self.


The most important consequence of the program is that I trust myself much more. This is, in my view, the foundation for good progress. I have more energy than before; I feel inner strength. I am aware that I enjoy every day, in particular, every morning I am happy to start a new day, what I will experience and get to know.



In short, if I summarize and briefly describe my life now, the word that most quickly describes what I predominantly feel is the word satisfaction. I am satisfied and it is a very favorable feeling for further work and my development. On the very last day, when I finished the last module, what was happening to my closest relatives unfolded, and big changes are really happening to me. The specific goals I set for myself at the beginning are not realizing yet, but the foundation for those goals is getting stronger. I continue to build, even after the end of the program, the necessary foundation, which is even more necessary for the goals to be achieved. I marvel at these miracles as a child. Sometimes I have fun and I find myself funny, how I marvel at all these miracles and rejoice like a child.



I also transformed my relationship with my husband


Around 2010, my husband and I were with friends in Berlin, where I was able to observe their relationship all week. I was so impressed by their relationship that I couldn’t stop talking about them, even after our holidays together. I only talked about them and their relationship, not about the sights of Berlin that I had seen. The strongest impression on me was that I knew my friend very well from before and clearly saw how she changed positively as a person with the help of her partner, or by living with him.


Back then, in Berlin, I saw what a harmonious relationship can be like. I wasn’t aware at the time that such relations can be only when you fully accept a partner. That was shown to me very clearly that week. It was like learning. The universe showed me this clearly, simply, and practically. However, I did not integrate this into my life. I just loudly admired my friend for doing it with ease, naturally, and with love. When I returned home from Berlin, I keep living the old way. I didn’t decide to make a change because I didn’t realize that it was possible for me to. Now I see the significance of this event in all its grandeur. At the time, I didn’t realize what the universe had shown me is possible for me too. I also had a belief that it isn’t that easy with my husband, yet maybe I was unknowingly afraid of losing control.


While doing one of the exercises in the Intuitive Leader program, I saw this scene of us at a table in Berlin, together with my husband and a couple I was admiring so much. That long-forgotten scene surprised me. As a milestone in my life, in my mind, I expected everything else before that.


The exercise had an incredibly powerful effect on me. After performing this exercise, I suddenly saw the whole reality in the palm of my hand. Awareness happened suddenly. Interestingly, the change in me concerning my husband did not arise gradually, but in that moment of awareness.


I started accepting my husband fully as he is. I see his good qualities now, and not just bad ones. I stopped criticizing him. Anyway, I’m not chasing the idea of changing him anymore. I found that I was literally persecuting him in a desire to change him. I realized I was falling in love with my own image of a man. And then I worked my whole life to make him that. I became interested in him again. Who is this man anyway? I don’t even know him if all these years I’ve only seen my desire for what it should be and my anger because it wasn’t like that. It feels so good to allow myself to explore who he really is, to listen to him, to see him, to experience him genuinely. This is happening to me now. Now I am allowing this to happen. I also realized that my husband was showing me, love, in his own way all the time, only I hadn’t seen it till now because he wasn’t showing me love in the way I expected of him. I, however, did not see his way in my blindness.


I am grateful for the knowledge that lead me to drop the expectations and let him breathe too. That I finally don’t criticize him, and he can be himself fully.


I could simply follow what I had seen in a relationship of my friend towards her husband in Berlin, but I did not. I wasn’t there yet in my perception, consciousness. Now I’ve realized this and I’m starting to realize I feel like I’m opening up to my husband. Somehow, I fell him more and realizing that he is a great support to me, something I have never seen like that before.


I can conclude that everything is in our perception. How we look at things. But perception can be changed. It’s so very simple, once we do it. However, the more times we make changes, the more we see how easy it is and how beneficial the consequences are. And so the changes are becoming more frequent and easier.


I am grateful to Tamara and her program, for all the rich insights and changes that have occurred in my life because of working in this program. The change in attitude towards my husband that I have described is just one part of the whole bunch of changes that have taken place. And they keep happening. I feel confidence and strength for the new and new magic coming into my life.


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