The Intuitive guidance of August comes with the message that we need to focus even more primarily on building communities of people who share the same values, vision, and ideals of coexistence with each other and with nature. Communities that are not systemic but respect both individual potentials and oneness. Communities that nurture positive values ​​and not those that have ruled us so far and that are based on fear.



These communities are already emerging, but a lot of will and, above all, support will be needed to be able to become more influential, and the mainstream.


We have a voice to use it !!!!!



In August, there is going to be some kind of turbulence. These appear to last until the end of the year. This means that it is necessary to prepare for them, and above all to get used to them and accept them as part of “normal” life.


A lot has changed in the last year and a half. It is beneficial for all of us to adapt to these changes. Namely, they offer new opportunities for the positive development of society. The most you can do right now is to include in your daily routine a concentration on a desired vibrational frequency with a focus on at least one value you want to project and attract. For example, if you want to live LOVE, I suggest that you concentrate on love for at least four minutes before you start the day. It is how you will learn to create harmony and balance long term.




Here’s how:


  1. Before you get out of bed in the morning, think about the value or quality you want to project and attract that day. Here is an example of LOVE.


  1. Concentrate on love. Allow all other thoughts to come. They may appear like:
  • can’t do that right now,
  • this is stupid,
  • what am I doing,
  • I have to get up,
  • it doesn’t make sense for me to do that,
  • I want to sleep a little more,
  • it won’t work anyway, etc.


When they come, automatically send them into the light. Do this for as long (even if it takes more than four minutes at first) as the mind is able to calm down and you can easily concentrate ONLY on LOVE.


  1. When you reach this perfect state of peace within yourself, you will begin to FEEL LOVE. Don’t force the process to happen faster or slower, give it your time. What matters is your clear intention and decision to perform this concentration in the morning.


  1. When at least four minutes have passed, or when you really feel the vibration of LOVE permeate all your cells, organs, lymph, nervous system, bones, your entire physical body, and spread into your energy field, end the concentration.


  1. You can do the concentration several times a day.


This concentration is a very down-to-earth process because it will help you vibrate on the frequency of LOVE and attract it even more. Your material life will soon start reflecting it in the form of more loving relationships, harmony, and abundance in all forms. Please share it with people you love. This is just what we need right now to make a difference. This is how you create a vortex, a vortex of energy that sucks love into you strengthens it, and ejects it into the material world.


In doing so, I advise you to be disciplined and do this concentration regularly, as otherwise there will be no desired or no results at all. But you will need, as I wrote in the Julys Intuitive Guidance, harmony, and peace in the coming months. It pays to invest in the latter.


No matter what turbulent things happen in August, the message comes that everything will be OK. Persevere and follow your path. That is something no one can take away from you, or even disable it, except you with your decisions, your will, and your actions.







The energy of August also puts loyalty to oneself at the forefront. It will not be time for great feats or projects, except for their planning. Above all, it will be time for peaceful contemplation and accumulation of energy according to the above example or in some other way that may serve you better.


In August it will be the hardest to maintain loyalty to yourself and the latter comes as one of the bigger challenges. It will be easier to kneel under the pressures of the outside world. I have a feeling this is going to be some kind of August pattern.


I want to assure you that you always have support in the Passionate Living community. If you are under pressure, if it is difficult for you to follow your path and stay true to yourself, I have got your back. Book a free 30 min Intuitive coaching with me. We’ll see where one decision or another takes you. I want you to make only decisions out of your heart and love for yourself, which, regardless of any current obstacles along the way, will take you to a higher vibrational level of living, working, and serving.

You can book your appointment here

After booking, you will receive your Zoom link.




You are encouraged to activate and help others with love and out of love for yourself, the world, and mutual development. You may be questioning right now, how to activate? The answer is very simple. By being able to overcome the noise of the outside world and follow your heart, your intuition and do things out of inspiration and not out of fear.


In August, I will also facilitate a webinar 3 STEPS TO BETTER INTUITION, where I will share 3 essential steps with which you will:

  • improve confidence in your decisions, which are in harmony with the divine and will bring you more joy, abundance, and vitality,
  • make steps in the direction that has been calling you for some time, but you haven’t dared to walk thus far,
  • will be able to quickly distinguish the voice of the ego from the voice of your inner wisdom.


And much more, plus intuitive insights on how to make the right decisions and where the path you are on now leads you…


You are warmly invited.

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In August, we will also be talking about money in the Passionate Living community. Not about financial advice, but about money programming, blocks that are reflected in your own value. If you want to change your attitude towards money and your own value, I advise you to join the Worth it program, which will take you over the limiting believes and energy of lack in six weeks, increase yourself worth and induce greater financial flow. Early birds save € 48 by 13 August, you save € 48. The registration fee with registration and payment for the training until 13 August is only € 199 (€ 247). Find out more about the success stories here. 




A year ago we were called to deepen our knowledge, to add to it, to open ourselves to new awareness and knowledge, today we are called to massively apply it.



I wish you a wonderful August. Let it be aligned with the energy of recognizing the opportunities that are opening up.


With love, Tamara



August will bring opportunities to find the right help. It can come in the form of teachers, experts, masters, etc.



There can be self-denial, throwing sand in one’s eyes, because this is “easier” than accepting the truth, and consequently leads to self-denial. Thus you can become the target of abuses of your lack of will and inner strength.



Focus your energy on yourself and on recognizing feelings of homeliness. If possible, relive them by going to places where you feel at home. When you achieve this homie feeling, you will find it easier to magnetize the power of realizing your heart’s desire and achieving wholeness.

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