As I prepare to write the Intuitive guidance of September, I receive feelings as if the world is already in its golden age. Maybe one part of consciousness is already living there. And this is necessary so that this golden age can also be reflected in the material world. We are called to these feelings and ways of working and thinking in September.


September appears to be a month illuminated by the yellow golden light of the sun, but there is nothing in it yet. Everything you plant in September will be manifested in October.


Conflicts will be ignited in September, but only as an invitation to stand together in oneness. We grow and become masters the most through experiencing relationships. Opportunities for exponential growth will be many in September. That is why I especially encourage you to surround yourself with communities and people who will enable you to grow exponentially. 


We alone will certainly not be able to achieve such growth on our own. Only as a whole, as a community, we can. You can nurture and accumulate a lot of this energy and achieve concrete material growth with the Worth it program, which you can find out more about here. Join the Worth it community today.






Let me remind you that:


where the greatest conflicts are internal or external,

there is also the greatest positive potential for exponential growth.



Focus your energy in September on efficiency and use all the tools to achieve that as well. Many tools for successful navigation of September, including the ritual of the month, can be found in full Intuitive guidance, which you can order for a price of one coffee per month here.


Focused action will quickly bear fruit. You will find all the answers in meditation when you sit with your quiet mind and allow all the answers to come to you.




This message has been coming for a few months now, and it is very, very important. If you can’t go into inspired action, then you better not go at all. If you do not go into action out of fear, however, this is a sign that the decision will not be the right one and the lesson will need to be repeated.


September 6 is a black moon. Start strengthening our own and net worth as it will be massively supported by the energies in September. September is coming as a special month, the month of opportunities for multiplication in the area of finances. Intuition will lead you in the direction of ennobling your energy of abundance, so listen to it with all your senses.


I have also prepared a Monthly Guide to the Black Moon Manifestation, which you can access right away here. I suggest that you take September 6 for the manifestation of very concrete and material things, as materialization will be extremely supported. But before that, work on shaking off the old so you can invite the new. But you will also need to change your mindset about what is for you, what is not for you, what you know, and what you don’t know. Open your mind and fly.




Let me remind you that reason and intuition must work hand in hand. Namely, intuition works in such a way that energy abounds from the intuitive part of the conscious overflow to the rational part of the conscious. So, first, listen to your intuition, and only then use your rational mind to put the instructions of intuition into practice!


The intuitive age that we co-create together requires us to have more confidence in ourselves and in the oneness from which everything came, including you and me. We are still failing this lesson. We are not separated from what is happening in Afghanistan, behind the four walls of our neighbors, in hospitals, in the oceans, in nature.


Note, that in September, I am also re-enrolling in a 6-month mentoring to help you energetically build charisma, authenticity, and inner strength, INTUITIVE LEADER. You will strengthen trust in yourself, in your decisions, open your heart, know more about the energetics of manifestation, and much more. I cordially invite you to get in now, especially if you want to take your service to your clients, co-workers, family to a higher level.


There is also a message that we can fill September with whatever we want. This field of gentle golden-yellow light, which has been repeated in the last period of monthly forecasts, is a new opportunity to fill it with a vision, with concrete monthly intentions, as September will be a very high-vibration month.


However, I feel that the most important message of September is the following:



Anything that is low vibration will be losing its power.



After a long and traumatic period, which will continue, there is no doubt about it, however, the first signs of positive solutions will begin to show. Everything we, who dedicate our daily lives to raising the vibration and collective consciousness of the planet, do, will begin to bear fruit. So let’s bravely continue our work!!!




September will also be a very high vibration month. People en masse will open to new levels of consciousness. Did it ever occur to you that you passionately believed in something? But when you got to know this thing better, all of a sudden “everything fell down for you”. The passion passed and you were contemplating reasons for why you did it or believed in it in the first place. Well, September will be like a month of such moments. 


The truth and our weaknesses will come to the fore. Also raising awareness about decisions made based on our weaknesses and shortcomings.


September also comes with the message that it is never too late to change your path, thinking, and acting.


In fact, it will be an ideal month for that. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you think you are worth, how lonely or capable you are. A change of path is available to you as soon as you make a decision to do so.


The message comes again that you are not alone on this journey. However, you need to step out of the box and perhaps find a whole new environment, people, co-workers who will be able to support and feel you on this path and act similarly to you. Start with small steps.


In short, September will be a much more optimistic month than August was. More important than action, however, is inner change and action on raising your vibration and expanding consciousness through regular meditation, physical exercise, and a change of mindset. The month will also offer opportunities to take your knowledge to a new level and expand or supplement it.


If you need intuitive insights  regarding where to steer your energy to create space for your expansion and financial growth book a session with me here. 


In September, you can achieve a lot by focusing your energy, as your intention will be at least 10 times stronger than if you were working – which – as we say – as usual, routinely. I call this programmed.



It will really pay off if you dedicate 20% of your time to energetic work and manifestation. DON’T FORGET THAT !!!!


I wish you a wonderful month ?

With love, Tamara






It seems that we will go through the powerful energy processes in September, which will be an initiation into higher levels of consciousness and into life through the prism of divine feminine energy. Spiritual growth will be accelerated.



A wolf can cause harm even if it is disguised as a sheep. The challenge will be in recognizing negative influences without judging them, without judging their source, or paying too much attention to them out of fear.



Focus your energy on recognizing the hidden truth, as this will bring you some salvation from trauma, karma and put you on the path of the soul. In September, there can be profound relief and transformation if you are prepared for it.

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