It is imperative to focus on building confidence in your intuition and actually use it in February as well as throughout the year. Here is my book that will help you along the way. 


Trusting your intuition will allow you to stay on top of the wave of transition we are in, instead of under it. It will also be necessary to focus on grounding, rooting because the energies will want to lift us off the ground. That can mostly influence our mental health.


If you feel like you’re losing ground, focus, concentration, or sanity, do book an energy clearing session with me, in which we will restructure your chakras and work especially on your base chakra. Click here and book your session today.


It will be a mixed month energetically and dependent on which part of the wave you are on. However, it may happen that those who move almost entirely in the golden light will not be well-grounded and may be carried away. 


February also shows itself as a month of separation between those who are not connected to their spirit or are cut off from it, and those who are. 


People who are cut off from their spirit probably know deep down on a soul level that they have compromised their integrity and have been left behind, and maybe even without everything. This is interesting, and I am inviting you to look more into it. It is the vast majority of earthlings who are not part of what is referred to today as the elite. 


This is the vision I am receiving for February. Will our reality split in February? We’ll see.


February is not the right time to deal with predominantly material matters. 


We need to stick to a vision of the world we want to live in. The latter is the most important. Many will be literally pushed over the edge of a cliff without a parachute. That’s why it’s so important to get a parachute before that happens. So get your parachute by using any spiritual tools to help you “fly”, maintain the vision of a free world, motivate yourself and stay in good spirit. Find support groups, surrender yourself to service to a worthy cause, and be compassionate to self and all that is. Mental challenges may occur more than physical ones, and in February this will be at the forefront.


Professionally or businesses will do well those who work with pure intent, those who do not work solely because of fear of survival. But this pure intent can still be good or bad. I encourage the Passion Life community to always consider good for themselves and the good for all in their intentions.


We will still need to strengthen our personal power, which we will need in this transition, only then will we be able to follow our heart and intuition. Weaker people may be drawn to addictions faster than ever before, to which technology addiction is highly exposed. There is an incentive to spend more time by the sea in February, with the sounds of sea waves, whales, and dolphins and the positive energy that contact with the sea air brings. This will be good for both our mental and physical health. 




Whales want us to know that our heart is an extremely intelligent being with its own consciousness and intelligence, but it is surrounded by layers of energies from all our incarnations on earth. As many incarnations as there are layers of energies around the heart. It is your job, says the whales, to remove these layers to get rid of the matrix of false ideas, values ​​, and gods if you will. You can do this with the help of our sounds. We are here and we will help you with that, whales also say.



There is also a message that the so-called p (l) andemic will slowly be subsided.  There will still be viruses, but this story, which is very narrowly projected through the mainstream media, will no longer be at the forefront. But a new story is likely to begin. The illusion of food and energy shortages and other vital goods may begin to prevail. However, this one will not have the right foundation, and it is more than likely that it will not drink water. However, the unfolding of these stories depends on all of us and on where we invest our energy.




You can feel what is true or not. Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself about it. The heart cannot lie. Just listen to it. The truth is that there is enough of everything for everyone and that this universe is full of abundance. 


Everything is created from a simple thought, from an idea. 


Don’t be intimidated and pushed over the edge. February energy offers shelter, a safe place for anyone who wants to connect with their spirit and detach themselves from stories they feel are not true, that limit them. Let me help you trust yourself fully. Book a strategy call now.

New teachers are coming, new knowledge, new spring, yet to come. 




In February, it will also be difficult to find or keep the feeling of the ground under our feet, as it will want to take us away. Therefore, dispose of your resources and energy carefully or more thoughtfully. Because lack of energy can lead to even greater alienation and psychological challenges and to not being grounded enough. Be especially focused on driving while behind the wheel.


The pressures of the dark on the light side will intensify. That is why it is necessary to pay as little attention as possible to everything that is under the vibration of love and live as creatively as possible. Thus, this topic will move through, or it will have nothing to cling to, and it will simply disappear or disintegrate.

clearing your bio-energy field and restructuring chakras

If you need to cleanse your personal energy space and restructure your chakras, I am available for individual sessions. And, of course, for intuitive guidance and readings. In December, I was in training with the Neo-Shamanic Society in the field of cleansing the energy effects of vaccination, and adversaries, which is a special protocol that I am currently facilitating. This is extremely important and very useful. Clients say that afterward, they feel extremely light, relaxed as if massaging them, in short, revitalised. However, if you are experiencing any adversaries due to vaccination, I will additionally implement this special protocol, which eliminates these effects in the energy field and helps the body to restore balance. Contact me for more information if you are interested. You also receive an in-depth explanation of the analysis of your chakras. The investment in energy and consequent psycho-physical balance is € 140.





The world has changed. The question is whether we have already managed to internalize these changes and, more than that, introduced them into our daily lives. If you haven’t already, I advise you to dedicate February to implementing much-needed changes in your lifestyle. In doing so, you should be guided by the principle; LESS IS MORE.


I wish you a grounded, harmonious, and joyful month.


With love, Tamara



Energy will support us in going beyond our limits and trying something completely new. To show that February will be an auspicious month to boldly change our career paths, lifestyles, and perhaps even the company of the people we have surrounded ourselves with so far and have started to limit us.



The biggest challenge will be in perseverance and integrity in holding on to your beliefs, especially if your surroundings do not understand you and your loved ones will not support you on this path. 



Find your rhythm and act with 100 % integrity. Focus on building self-confidence, especially if you feel like you’ve been wronged. Stand up for yourself.



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