Volatility, new matrix and being


We are entering March with the release of pandemic measures, a war in a part of Europe, an increasingly expensive life, and each with its own challenges, right?


I am entering March in some intermediate state. My daughter turned 18 somewhere between February 28 and March 1, 29th February. She made me a mom. And it was with her birth that my attention shifted even more inwardly, instead of constantly seeking fulfilment in the outside world.


Among other things, 18 years ago was the last carnival party I joined. In my home town Ptuj, the carnival is a tradition. I also managed to release the fear of childbirth that has been present in me ever since I knew. With the help of an energy therapist, I realised – 8 days before the birth of my daughter – that I was not really afraid of giving birth, but that I was afraid of whether I would be a good enough mother. Well, my daughter and son who came after her will probably say something about whether I can handle this role.


A message is coming that it would be good to make a plan to navigate this time, which is very volatile.


I have had a need for quite some time now to spend more time in meditation than before to focus, fill my body with energy, clarity, and strength. So my plan for March is to be present, not to plan too much in advance, and to evolve, educate, and serve the world even more passionately with my gifts. The plan is also to take some time just for myself.


I have a feeling that in March we are entering a changed matrix of reality. Therefore, feelings of the unknown, the homeless, the new may prevail in March, but probably not in a positively exciting sense. It is a feeling that we are in the same time and space, but nothing is as homely as it used to be.


These feelings can be experienced in all areas of life; in relationships, at work, in the environment in which we live … There is also a message and a reminder that everything that happens around the world is just an illusion. It’s like a video simulation that seems real just because we’re in it. It influences us because we allow it to, because we give it attention, and that’s a huge part of our attention and energy. In fact, we are co-creating it.


In March, we will probably start working even more visibly with other civilisations, as well as scientists, philosophers, masters who may have already passed and are now helping us from other dimensions of time and space. These are, for example, Tesla, Aristotle, Master Vishnu, and many others.


As I was writing this, these three came to the fore. I myself have never worked with them and I wondered above all why Master Vishnu came, who is the master of the first ray and one of the trinity (Brahma, Shiva). Vishnu is the one who preserves. Its frequency is silver – which is divine, and blue – which is the masculine energy, the will of the creator, and the power of the creator. Further on, exploring Vishnu took me to White Tara (the rainbow goddess) and the number 24/7. Tara is my daughter’s name. The date of my birthday is 7/24. Among other things, the Earth, during the time of one of the Lemurian civilizations that existed here 600 million years ago, was called Tara.


This example shows, how interestingly the divine energy leads us to discover the world beyond the projections of the 3rd dimension. For me, this symbolism means confirmations of what is revealed through this report and my personal paths.


That is why I invite you, dear reader, to surrender even more to the guidance of the divine and respect it. It seems that in March this energy, this symbolism will be even more important. But it will not be easy. It is necessary to know how to read between the lines and connect different, seemingly unrelated things with each other.


It is also important that we send as much of this silver energy and high-frequency light into the matrix of the existence of this earth, thus helping the change to occur.


It is also important for all those who do not yet trust their connection to the universal Internet (intuition) or that may not have a quality connection to it, to dedicate themselves from their hearts to strengthening and purifying it. For both in the invisible field of the spirit and in the field of the classic internet and through this often artificial virtual world, you don’t know for sure who you’re really connecting with, do you? There is a lot of false information coming through.


In March, the importance of a high-quality diet comes to the fore again. You may dedicate yourself to spending a little more time feeling into which food still suits you. Which foods make your thoughts clear and which ones don’t? Which foods make your body vital and your thoughts joyful and which ones don’t?


Nothing can be more glorious than living to your full potential.


This thought came to me while tuning into the energies of March. If you are preoccupied with thoughts about what your life mission is, look no further. Your mission and the mission of each of us is to live to our full potential. Do not seek your mission from the outside, but do what you can develop and what inspires you.


I myself believe that each of us has enough space and time for this. My journey has already been such that with two small children and a full-time job, I still managed to develop my potential, follow what inspired me, and discover myself and my mission. You too can do this if you are dealing with the idea of ​​what your mission is, perhaps even easier than before, as there is a tremendous amount of useful content available that you can access with just one click. I am also available for a private session with you if you want to get clarity around your mission and next steps. Book it here.

We also have had an amazing webinar in February on how to make the right decisions using intuition. If you want to learn more about how you can make better decisions using intuition book a clarity call with me here.

You will get guidance on how to:
• to strengthen your self-confidence,
• you connect with the creator indefinitely and without noise,
• focus on the life of your mission and
• Express your charisma, authenticity, and inner strength.

There is also a question, to which I advise you to meditate a bit in March and write down the answers that will come and start implementing them.


What would it mean for you that nothing could be more glorious than living to your full potential?

Step into March 2022 with that energy.

With love, Tamara



We will get the most out of the stimulating energies of the month if we stop trying too hard, working hard, proving ourselves and we know how to be inside ourselves in the given moments, even if there is a storm outside of us.



I feel that the biggest challenge for March will be in distinguishing between what reality is real. There will also be challenges and a high probability of misinterpretation of one’s thoughts and feelings.



Extreme awakening energy, kundalini activation, and deep healing at the cellular level will be available. So focus on integrating this energy. Focus on integrating new thought paths and patterns.

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