April is all about teaching humanity how to live in harmony in peace


April will be all about teaching humanity how to live in harmony and peace. Every action, every crisis, personal or global, indicates to us how to work differently. The message of my guide, Moses, who appeared exceptionally this time when I began writing the intuitive guidance for April, is, that as human beings, we have come a long way, but we still have a lot of work to do.


Namely, the world has “shrunk”, it has become smaller and more manageable both for those who want to 100% subjugate, drain and exploit it and for those of us who want to live fully in the golden age of abundance, creativity, and peace.


April is again auspicious for looking into our personal lives to where we are still struggling; where we have personal and internal struggles and where we are struggling with external things and trying to harmonize or calm them down.


Peace is extremely highlighted in April, and it may well be that there will be a ceasefire in Ukraine, but not yet real peace. With the establishment of the ceasefire, the process of redistribution of power both within Europe and around the world, especially in Asia, will only begin. It looks like the US will lose a lot of its power and influence.


For us individuals, what matters is what we do on a personal level, where we direct our attention and thereby the energy. The energy I feel is reaping faster, and even more than just a few months ago. It is our job to stop this harvest. Passionate living meditation for Personal and Business Success, Scalar Meditation, which I am sharing this time with the entire Passionateliving community for free, can also help you with this, as it is extremely important to stop the unconscious outflow of energy. Get it here. I will send it to you as soon as I have it ready in English.


April also brings a reminder that the abundance of everything is so great that we cannot imagine its dimensions.


So don’t fall into the matrix of scarcity, which may be happening. This will also be one of the bigger challenges for us. If you want to strengthen your awareness of abundance, and also open up a greater influx of finances, I am inviting you to join WORTH-IT, my newest training to help you in raising your personal and net worth. This training is becoming a source of abundance at its core. It is short (6 weeks), concise and effective, and most importantly constantly evolving and lasting like abundance. Click here for more information.  


Don’t let April throw you out of line. It will often be difficult to keep your attention in the right direction. There will be so many influences that will distract attention. Think carefully before you change your direction, and I advise you, even more, to consult with someone before changing it. You can gain a lot or lose a lot in April. I warmly advise you to pay attention to changes in any strategy, whether it is your eating habits, gym habits, investments, or business or professional strategies. It is necessary to keep the set direction in April and not let yourself be distracted. I see this as a vision of a sailboat in a very windy sea, on which the captain tries with all his strength to hold the rudder in the direction of the voyage.

You will find wisdom in yourself and nowhere else in April. 


Everything you need to know is already inside of you. There are all the answers and there is all the power, says my guide. When you use your wisdom wisely, the essence of your existence will be revealed to you, which will go beyond your present vision. Yes, there is a kind of upgrade, a leap in vibration that is going to happen in April. Everything that you may have been working hard for for the last two years, and you may have already lost the will and strength in trying, has the opportunity to manifest itself in April. Just hold on a little longer.


There will be a lot at stake in April


The war in Ukraine, more and more expensive life, elections in Slovenia and several places in the world, more and more electromagnetic smog around us, more and more plastic in the oceans, more and more of everything harmful to life, but on the other hand also good. More and more organizations are working for change for the better, and more and more individuals are waking up from illusion as they realize that things haven’t worked out for the best in the last two years. 


Realize my dear, that there are a lot of things at stake, and make really, really, the best possible decisions that include good for all. The latter should be the motto of your work not only in April but also otherwise.


These words are flying to the screen at the speed of light this time, so I have a feeling that our thoughts will manifest especially quickly in April. Manage them very consciously. Let me remind you that thoughts are faster than light. You can find some interesting things about the workings of thought in this short video. 


Yes, manifestation will be extremely accelerated


So, pay close attention to what you’re ordering in the universal kitchen. It seems to me that a little more discipline will be needed. Learn, act and share your knowledge. It is a recipe for positive change that will bring success and progress not only to you individually but also to the collective.


The collective good is also emphasized, as there is no more separation in the golden age, which has supposedly already started on 22 February 2022, as says Tim Whild. In the Golden age, everyone is developing their talents and sharing them with the community. There is no more “forced” work but work from the energy of joy and contribution to the common good. Therefore, I will also dedicate my time in April and May to help you get clarity about your talents and how to share them with others. You can book a free 20 min strategy session with me for free.

Yes, dear, April is the month of liberation.


It is time to free ourselves from everything that is limiting us in our authentic expression and living of full potential; jobs that no longer “serve” personal development and the development of society in general, a diet that doesn’t energize, relationships that pull down (all interpersonal relationships, and also with TV, computer, phone, and money, etc.). There is also the message coming that we are to give up life as we know it. Let’s move on, to a new level.


In April, we are also remembering the resurrection, which in a way awaits us all.


I perceive it myself this time by waking up when we are filled with the wonderful light of Christ, having cheerful thoughts, and working for the good of everyone and everything. Then we rise from the swamp of 3D behaviors and the matrix full of scarcity, disease, war, and death, and step into eternity, which is light, love, and abundance, and embark on the path of the next stage of human evolution.


Therefore, on April 15, I will once again perform the Wisdom of Mary Magdalene event, which this time will most likely be joined by her other half, Jeshua. We’ll see, I’ll let myself be surprised. The number of participants in this event is limited to 10, so if he calls you, please r.s.v.p to info@tamarabelsak.com and I will send you more information about the event.


Enjoy the sunshine, the ocean of new opportunities, and love. Remember to be ordering only what you really want to live in the universal kitchen.


I warmly embrace you and wish you a wonderful month,


With love, Tamara



In December, I was in training with the Neo-Shamanic Association in the field of cleansing the energy effects of vaccination, which is a special protocol that I am currently facilitating. This is extremely important and very useful. Clients say that after that they feel extremely clean, and relaxed as if massaging them. However, if you are experiencing any physical or mental challenges as a result of vaccination, I will additionally implement this special protocol, which eliminates its effects at the energy level and helps the body to restore balance.

If you feel you need to cleanse your personal energy space and restructure your chakras, I am available for individual sessions. You also receive an in-depth explanation of the analysis of your chakras. The investment in energy and consequent psycho-physical balance or individual intuitive coaching session is € 250. Click here and book an appointment.  After the booking you will receive the payment details and zoom link.


The energies of the month will also encourage the observation of beauty in things, which is the quality of the golden age. 



The biggest challenge I feel will be the transition from duality to oneness. These will be actions that are no longer about acting out of personal interests, survival, and pleasure, but actions through which we truly surrender to planetary service.



We did not come to Earth to be passive. We came here to delve into our divine potential and learn to live in this world in harmony and peace. That is our task at the moment.

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