We have some energetically and emotionally demanding weeks behind us. If you felt demagnetized, like you couldn’t make the right connection with your guides, like your inner compass wasn’t working, you weren’t alone. There may also be some emotionally turbulent moments behind you.


In May we come to the flow with calmer energy. This one will probably be more planetarily stimulating, as we also deserve a little break in the vortex of turbulence, right? However, I want to remind you of and somehow anchor you in the fact that we live in a time when mass cleansing is taking place both within us, in our interpersonal relationships as well as globally and planetarily.


We are all part of this process, so it is very important to understand all the happenings in the light of these energies. If you know how to capture them and use them for your personal, spiritual, and material breakthrough, you can make major moves forward this year.


You can find the anchor or energy for this in the changes that have taken place in the last two and a half years. When I look back on myself, I see that I am no longer the same person I used to be. It is very clear to me what else I want to do and how I will achieve this. All my efforts are also directed in this direction.


However, the sense of community was also strengthened, which was only confirmed by the April event I held the Wisdom of Mary Magdalene in the divine women’s circle. It’s been quite a few years since I started serving the Passionate Living community, but the real idea of ​​what that means was fully entrenched two and a half years ago, at that time of C crisis. I made many changes and updates in my intuitive leadership during this time, which continue to this day and I am even more committed to this work.





May comes with a special message that it is necessary to expand the view beyond your field and comfort zone and cross this threshold of the unknown. Yes, probably into the unknown, but at the same time into a freer and easier to knead reality. You will not be able to create what you want if you stay within your limits.


The energies of the moon will be encouraging to cross the threshold of the unknown. I feel otherwise cold energy that will move through the middle of the energy field in May and that will help us look at things with a more sober head. We may not be as comfortable as we have been so far.


The message is coming again that it will still be necessary to let go of old images, shapes, and things behind us. Let the old fall, fall away, which you can achieve by letting it freeze and then stepping forward into your future. What is frozen, however, you leave in the past. Interesting. I was not a fan of freezing things in the rituals for the manifestation because when they thaw they can come to life again, but this time the message comes that what will be frozen will stay in this space and time, in 3D reality as a reminder where we come from and where we no longer want to return.


May’s energies will be supportive to do replacements of all kinds, from the most basic replacements such as car tires or light bulbs to a change of job, residence, partner, clothing, diet, and exercise routine. There is 180-degree replacement energy. I don’t know yet what exactly this means. But there is also a message to follow your inner impulses to implement those replacements if they call you, because what you will replace the old with brings new, more fluid energy and change.



Also, people are becoming physically more fluid, or somehow lighter. Our connections with universal energies are changing and so it may still feel like we don’t have one. However, the connection is always present, just be more careful about what you allow through to your consciousness.


It may feel like you’re partially floating in the air and having a hard time landing. Use this energy to get a broader picture of what is going on in May. We need to trust our feelings about everything that is happening globally and what is coming to us through the gaps of various media.


The compass should be as follows: Everything that is not good for the community is not OK, everything that builds the community is OK. Every member of the community is important, and we need to be aware that we are only as strong as the weakest member of this community, which we call humanity.


I have a feeling that it will be necessary to act even more modestly than before, without any pomp or drama. Take small steps and at the end of the year, you will be able to see how much you have done. I have a feeling that the biggest challenge in May will be that we may want too much and too soon. May is not the month for that. Slowly and with a clear vision that MUST include a formula for the good of all, you will come the furthest.




Focus on the little things in May. Too big a picture can make you weak. Strengthening and working on small things will strengthen you energetically, mentally, and emotionally. In such detail, the strengthening of my worth and, consequently, my inner and material strength is tackled by the WORTH-IT program, which I will start again soon. I encourage you to join us if he calls you. More information and the application form can be found here.



Also, take care of nature and its elements in May. It is a very encouraging month to perform rituals that will anchor you in what you set out to create. However, these rituals need to be performed every day without exception. There is no more time for half-heartedness, or for the moments when you find time for it. Performing rituals that will take you into the vortex of what you are striving for is exposed in May. I advise you to take at least one hour a day for this. In this way, you will also be able to stand firm on your path as a peace warrior or warrior who brings light and energy of prosperity to all on this planet.


How can I help you with this?


That is my question. You will find some answers in what has already been written. But I am always available for 30 min. free consultation, which is not yet intuitive advice, but a consultation based on which you receive guidelines on how to proceed, what needs to be set up anew, and how to achieve your intentions. You can book it here.


You too often ask the question: How can I help?




May also manifests itself as a month of latitude. It will be easier for us to go further and see more than if some previously invisible barriers had moved and opened up the space for that. The question that comes up, however, is, will you dare to go further and see more?


Well, that’s just a rhetorical question, because curiosity will probably lead you forward. Yes, it feels like a new perception of the breadth, size, and dimensions of our world are opening up. There we can meet each other in new forms or clothes, but we can also meet some other beings that we may have only read or heard about before. If this is going to happen to you, let me remind you that we are all part of the same universe.


There is also the message to connect with the creator, for this connection is the brightest and highest vibrational. It seems that this will guide us even more than before to find the right path, even if we are lost in time, and to live following the highest spiritual values ​​and laws.


Here are some that I suggest you live:


  1. The law of pure potential.


Take a few moments to meditate in silence. Just be mindless for 30 minutes 2x a day or one hour a day. Concentrate only on the being and the intelligence that is inside every being, even within you, and can only be expressed when you completely calm your mind.


  1. The law of giving


It focuses on giving something to everyone you meet, be it a kind word, a smile, a flower … At the same time, observe how the gifts of giving come back to life and open up to acceptance. In short, practice love.


  1. The law of least resistance


Accept situations, people, and relationships as they are. Stop fighting or proving your right. Also, accept 100% responsibility for your circumstances.


  1. The law of cause and effect (karma)


Every action has a consequence, every thought affects the world, and every emotion has its effect. Choose thoughts, feelings, and actions that bring happiness and success to others that then come back to you.


  1. The law of purpose and desire


It is inherent in every true desire that it brings a sense of fulfillment. Write down your desires s and add a purpose to them by writing down what kind of fulfillment this desire is bringing you. You may find that some desires are empty. Also note that if things are not going in the desired direction, there is a good reason for that.


  1. The law of detachment


Allow yourself and others to be what you are. Don’t force things to happen, let them happen spontaneously, and allow the law of synchronicity to work. Uncertainty is sometimes the one that leads to the path of freedom.


  1. The law of fate


It says that we have taken this physical form to fulfill our purpose.


I wish you a wonderful May. Spend it observing nature and having thoughts and activities that energize you.


With love, Tamara


More optimism and some enhanced sense of security and safety will be in the air. The door has also opened for us to feel more like one and therefore feelings of loneliness and loss of meaning in life lessen.



The biggest challenge that we will probably all face in May is the feeling of being trapped and the feeling that we cannot step out of this cycle. The feeling will probably be similar to paralysis and helplessness.



In May, you will be called to use your alchemical powers and allow your sense of SELF, your self-awareness, to spread beyond space and time.

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