June’s energies are bringing to us opportunities for up level in every way. 


June is the month of spiritual testing, it’s an interesting month it’s a hard month so far but in a way, it enables us to get better spiritually energetically materially emotionally, and have a taste of 5D being here in this world. It is getting more and more tangible, so we need to move forward to start serving the humanity or highest potential and common good to create the quality of life we are meant to live here on earth. 




I want to share with you the exercise that may help you during this month and many, many months ahead. Questions you will be asking yourself in this exercise will help you raise your vibration quickly:



  1. Ask yourself: How do I feel? Write down the answer.
  2. The next question would be: How do I want to feel? Write down the answer but if you are already feeling wonderful then start consciously grounding those feelings to be able to awaken them spontaneously when your vibration falls. 
  3. And the third thing to do is to be clear on how you want to feel all the time so ask yourself: What do I do right now to feel…? Fill in the blanks and then just do it 



I’ve been doing this exercise for a long time and all I need now is a few minutes to be able to get back to my normal vibrational state to be able to serve my clients, and my family and stay healthy. 

I suggest you take care of your body mind and spirit also in a way that fits you and your lifestyle. 

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The most important thing in June is to spend your time in the company of vibrations that you want to live every day because we are awakening the hard way or the easy way depending on where we are at the moment. 

Dolphins and whales also help to smooth the transition and awakening processes by helping us raise the vibrations to joy, open up our hearts, awaken their intelligence and expand consciousness. I truly advise you to be connected to those energies. You can always listen to my meditation joy with dolphins HERE.  

We will see some things that we didn’t see before. The truth behind the volatility that is going on in the world may be confusing. Know that that is all just preparation for our next level of spiritual emotional and material being here on the Earth.

So, stay grounded. Be open to the awakening process and opportunities to see through the veil of illusion. The third eye is being opened up more massively than before and this claire-vision will take us to new forms of living beings and thinking of the way the world is. 

Take care of yourself, and your energy levels and have a healthy sense of self-worth and love towards yourself towards everything that is so that you can feel this oneness and connection with everything. 

There may be a lot of also a lot of negative energy present. If so, it will probably be clearing out of your system, so be extra careful of that. Find help if you need it because June is the month of spiritual testing. 

You will be the most successful if you steer your energy into maintaining your spiritual energy and physical sovereignty. Know that you are a sovereign and no one can take that away from you but you with your free will. 

I wish you a beautiful rest of the month and I hope to see you at one of my events or individual intuitive counseling sessions. 


With love, Tamara

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