From ashes, we rise stronger rebirth, and most of all renewed. Only fire with its transformative power is capable of cleaning and making space for new and clean fire has the power of rebirth.


When I was writing this intuitive guidance a message from the Hawaiian Goddess Pele who is with her extraordinary power of volcano is capable to transform Hawaii islands over and over again, came. People respect her and have learned to live with her anger. Her message for August is that nature always wins. It is stronger. Her powerful energy and energy of fire are also capable of transforming the dark energy. 


It is time for rebirth and new energy this is only possible if you are capable to I let go of the old completely. Let the energy flow. Let the flames transform the dark energy and create space for a crystalline net that has already been placed at certain points of the earth. Crystalline structure – net – will renew the earth and people and replenish them.


I am sharing the healing orb of the Archangel Raphael, which appeared in the photos when we were returning to Korčula from Dubrovnik. It was also on me and has angel wing, which can be seen in the photo. In the last photo, it is quite enlarged and if you want, you can connect with it and receive this beautiful healing energy, which will also help you in opening the heart chakra. 

A crystal grid placement meditation also came as a gift to the community. Here it is:

1. Connect with the light above and the light below. Set and expand your energy field.

2. Place the Merkava. 

3. Invoke the Hawaiian goddess Pele and ask her to bless the earth and your energy space. With its volcanic energy, Pele cleanses everything that needs to be cleansed and creates space for the placement of the crystal grid.

4. When you feel it’s done, thank her.

5. Summon the water dragons from the north. Watch them fly from the north in formation towards you and surround you. With their energy, they cool your emotions and hot energy. Also, send them to places where you want the energy to cool down. The water dragons from the north fly over the earth, gardens, fields, meadows, and forests, cooling the hot energy.

6. Ask the dragons of water, masters of peace and light, to place a crystalline grid of harmony, peace, and enlightenment over you and the areas you have cooled. Watch or feel how they set it up. The crystalline grid is the perfect ice-silver-electric blue color. Dragons are 5th-dimensional beings and help us move into 5D living. Observe how this crystalline grid of energy is transmitted through the energy grids of the earth throughout the planet and balances the superheated energy that causes things to escalate from conflict to natural phenomena.

7. You are becoming calmer yourself during the process. Also, visualize or feel how nature calms down and balances itself. Visualize the people of the world living in peace and abundance and using their innate talents to the fullest for the benefit of the community and humanity.

8. Your energy is coming into resonance with your true essence, just as nature and the places you have asked the dragons to fly over are coming into resonance with your purpose.

9. Suddenly, you feel how a golden Phoenix begins to rise from the ashes and through the already fairly cooled-down energy. Feel or visualize the light from his heart shining in brilliant golden color and outshining you, what looks like a quick flash, or an explosion, and how it outshines the places you have been working on.

10. Now set an intention for yourself and for the places, landscapes, greens, fields, forests, or fields for which you worked. Take your time.

11. Thank Pele, the Dragons, and the Golden Phoenix and say: I fixating this result.

In August, the good things will be more or less masked. Beneath seemingly traumatic events, good and transformative things will be hidden. That is why the advice comes to focus especially focused on the good in everything that will be happening, and that you manage to feel.


If you can feel, you know that you are alive.


I wondered about this at the end of July when my son had an accident and literally fell in front of an electric vehicle transporting tourists. A web of unfortunate coincidences in which we did not look for the culprit, because no one was really to blame. Not the driver, not my son who stumbled into the road. Also, he could not see or hear the vehicle due to the high wall to the left and right, which ended right next to the road. My daughter was sitting on the terrace above, saw the whole event, and, like all of us, experienced perhaps an even greater trauma, because she had the scene before her eyes. 

All’s well that ends well. My son ended up with only stitches on his forehead and an injured collarbone. But the next day I wondered about it, also for the sake of my daughter, who felt guilty. Could the accident have been prevented? I met my guide in meditation and the first message was that there were many angels around my son. In particular, it was shown that my daughter, whom I saw on the terrace with large angel wings, was also in this role. Also, one of the angels was the driver and everyone who helped him immediately, and later the doctor and the nurse at the emergency room, where I felt as if I’m an in a meditation room thanks to the doctor and a nurse. Yes, there was luck in the chain of unlucky events. An even more important message that I received in meditation in response to my question was that yes, perhaps this event could be prevented. But the question is whether the next one, which could be more fatal, could have been prevented. He will mature now, my guide added. At fourteen, my son is really such a big kid and often completely out of himself, headless. I had a strong feeling that a possible future more fatal event was erased by this action.


August is the month of rebirth and rising from the ashes. We are getting stronger collectively and that is good news. 


Rising from the ashes is the energy image of August and connecting with the golden Phoenix symbol will help to shake off the old and rise into a new, higher vibration.

There will be no point in wondering what if you had done something differently, or why certain things just happen to you, no matter how difficult they are. Rather, turn the story into the fact that all things are happening for you, so that you get closer to yourself, wake up and, above all, free yourself. The view on the other side is much nicer.


“Each new stage of rebirth is based on wider awareness and consciousness and leads to greater freedom.”

Tamara Belsak


What might that look like for you? The message is coming that you don’t need to do anything special, because it will happen on its own. When it comes to balancing your energies, the meditation I am sharing here will be very, very useful. 

So in August, focus on the present things in life and strengthen faith in the fact that you are at the right time, in the right place, and doing the right thing. In this way, you will instantly consolidate your focus and manage the current events in the best possible way.


Also perform the suggested meditation, as the energies will be quite heated both politically, economically, and in all other areas. Keep a clear head and create your own vision of things, because, as already written, the first impressions will not necessarily be correct. The truth will be hidden in the background of things, and if I were bold, I would say that the truth will be the exact opposite of what is being brought to the fore.


You can feel the truth. But to be able to feel it, it is necessary to have a clear head and strengthened confidence in yourself and your intuition.


I wish you a calm and balanced month. Keep reminding yourself that help is just a phone call away. You can always turn to your guides and angels. The programs and Passionateliving community will also help you. Book your 30 min free clarity call. Click here.


With love, Tamara


This is the month of dreamers, idealists, and everyone who wants a better world. If you’ve had some “crazy” ideas lately, now is a good time to start working on them.



Dealing with feelings of selfishness seems to be at the fore in August. This can come from an inner conflict between wanting to take care of everyone and what is calling you. This may also result from very deliberate attempts to create internal conflicts by external influences.



Set the intention in the morning for the day and start sending blessings to all pressing social events, global events, and your planned events of the day. These will get you into a flow and inspire the growth of all that is good in your life.

Tamara Belsak

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