Cycles repeat until…


Cycles repeat. Everything is repeatable and everything is changeable. Why the cycle repeats itself remains only a rhetorical question. The answer that comes is found in the collective consciousness, which reflects cyclicality and extends across time and space as we know it.


Until something changes in consciousness, the cycles will repeat themselves. So what cycle are we in? Wars, shortages, and challenges in the economy and in the global distribution of power. My personal opinion is that basic life goods such as food and energy should not be objects of speculative transactions on the stock market. But the big question remains: “Why are we still playing this game of repeating cycles that has been forced upon us?”

This will continue as long as we collectively support it in any way, directly or indirectly.



October is the month of cycles. They will probably be reflected in our personal lives as well. If you find yourself in a repetitive cycle that you don’t like, this is an opportunity for change.

A small change today will, over time, take you to a whole new level of living and contentment.


That’s why I am inviting you to book a free 30 min call with me to learn how you can activate more of your personal power and skills to manifest the form of abundance that you want to live. I do not want us to live in fear, in the energy of lack and imposed forms of the way of surviving, because there is another way.



In short, I want us to fully realize that we have much more power and influence over what happens globally and individually. The question to ask yourself in October is – and the universe already has an answer to it and it will be easier to hear it in October – How can I manifest what I want? The energies will be cleaner than perhaps in September when a lot of resistance was felt.

You have so much more power than you may realize now, and much more is also available to you. Learn how to connect and channel this infinite source of energy and information. Book a call with me.


The October energies also bring projections to the fore, about which you need to know the following:

  • Everything is a reflection.
  • Even our physical sense of sight – the eye – is designed to transform the reflection of light wavelengths into an image that is actually mirrored, so that we see things as we see them.
  • Projections shape our reality.
  • Projections are two-way; from the inside out and from the outside in. Both processes are closely intertwined.



So how can you use this universal law of projection to bring more of what you want to see into the world?

First, it is necessary to understand how projections work. Projections are the art form of the universe, you could say. They work, for example, like this: you project something and it shows up in the world, that is, it manifests or comes true. For example: when you project lack, you live lack.

Unfortunately, in humans, we only have a small percentage of our potential (DNA) activated. This also means that we have very limited projections. However, even though this unactivated potential is projected, we could say that it has been hijacked by those energies that do not respect the universal laws of creation, among them the law of FREE WILL. In other words, they are playing a dirty game.

Therefore, it is up to you, each and every individual, to recognize and prevent this, and to disconnect from these energies or connections. There is also a message that you should not be afraid to do this or that something bad could happen. However, even if something bad happens, be aware of the fact that it comes from your inner and outer energy fields. So this is a direct manifestation and projection of this field of yours. This only allowed you to clear your energy field and create more space for what is actually waiting to manifest and couldn’t until now because that space was occupied by other things.


October will encourage you to do this and also support you in raising awareness of what you are projecting and working on what needs to be transformed and changed so that something else can grow in your life and thus manifest itself.



On a global level, things are being prepared behind the scenes that are not good for humanity and the individual. Information about this that will be released to the public will be planned and will not be left to chance, or to whistleblowers, etc. This is so that they can collectively prepare people to start accepting these facts or planned changes and agree with them in some way. Don’t get caught in the mousetrap! Work on raising your vibration and consciously creating your thoughts. Think of your mind as a muscle and train it.



If you succeed in this, the universal energy of October will support you tremendously in the manifestation of your desires. It’s time to focus on yourself and dedicate yourself to yourself, your spirit, mind and body, and your desires. The energies will support you, and they will also reflect what still needs to be transformed, i.e. they will reflect your projections.

Very consciously enjoy the sun, the fresh air, and your special ability to express love and touch. At the same time, be aware that only YOU have the power and ability to change yourself and the world.

Nothing will change in Slovenia until we use this power, and the same applies to global changes. For now, the energy of this desired change and the potential for it can be felt a little weakened. But we can strengthen it by first starting to live the changes we want to see in the world ourselves. But you surely already know that.


You always have a choice! NO ONE can take that away from you! You can say to yourself: I can’t! But you can choose differently and say to yourself: YOU CAN! And then you watch where that choice will take you.

So what will you choose differently in October than before? Or repeating cycles or the change you create with all your choices?

I wish you to enter October full of inspiration and make healthy choices. I wish you a sunny October, full of pleasant and warm touches, contacts, and love. I also hope to see you live on the webinar or at the meditation.
With love, Tamara

P.S. Don’t try to fit in, so to belong, be YOU and the world will transform around you, YOU.

Just briefly..


October is a potent month for manifestation. Spoken words will quickly gain their power, especially if you sing, chant, or say them just like that…


Feelings of sadness, trauma, struggle or even defeat will come to the fore. However, be aware that these feelings, if they occur, will only be a process of transition from one form to another, a process of rebirth…


It will be a favorable month for all of you who are involved in sound therapy, sound massages, or want to learn it. Transformation through sound will be accelerated…

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