2022 is coming to an end. A challenging year for many, a year of slow growth and even deeper transformation. I sometimes wander what else you want from me (not you, but my guides, the creator), where else should I go, if the paths I want to walk on are currently closed?


I wonder about those things, because I was guided right here to this moment and place, moved many boundaries, personal and external limitations and started to act according to the guidance of intuition and my heart. Where else should I go? What else should I do?


It is clear that I am moving beyond the material matrix into deeper work with energy and the creation of crystalline etheric networks and connections. That I am moving from the matrix of working for money and survival, of dependence in some way on money and time, even though as a family we are still embedded in the material world with children’s schooling and other daily activities. 


But I don’t know yet how this transition will happen. The messages are clear! My guidance is peace and knowing that whatever happens, everything will be OK, because it has been so far. I have knowledge, I have the inner strength, I have psycho-physical stability and love, which I always feel more and more. I operate more and more outside the matrix of human control through money and time.

In Passionate Living we ended October with a wonderful webinar, Activate your power of positive manifestation, where I shared more about what needs to come together in order for things to materialize. I am already preparing for a new webinar, which will be held at the end of November, Using intuition to make the right decisions. If you feel there is something more calling you and would like some guidance on how to manifest it, what needs to be cleared and which path to take book a session with me. Click here.




On October 25, the NEW was indicated by a partial solar eclipse; new life, new purpose. We are unleveling, and it will be completed soon. November brings this transformation. November’s energies will support us, perhaps to finally write that book, to finally start building your heartfelt business or personal path, to finally end a relationship that makes you feel less than…, to do that workshop you’ve been longing for … in short, to take that step of trust, especially if you feel that you are about to do it, but there is still something intangible holding you back.





Remember that whatever you have been called to do, this is the way. It is wise to start building it in November, because you will be even more supported that way. The word vulnerability also comes to the fore. The path of levitation, the path of the heart, is also the path of vulnerability. 


It is a way of walking outside the comfort zone, it is a way of visibility, sometimes even “naked” exposure. I recommend that you somehow make peace with this, because this is what the energy of the month will lead us to. Allow yourself vulnerability, because from it is born your true, original strength.





Where is your soul leading you? This is highlighted in November and further into 2023. Enter the temple of your soul. This is the message that is coming to the fore. Each one of us has this temple. You just need to open up to this dimension and enter it. There are all the records of your soul’s journey and the information you need to progress as a soul. 


Many of our souls here on Earth have been overridden by the body and the material. If the soul is not liberated, it is in prison. A person whose soul is trapped is just a shell, and the best word that has come up is zombie-like. There are many such people in this world, especially as a result of the repression of the last three years and you know what.


The liberation of the soul is in the foreground in November, and with it also the soul’s purpose. I want to help you with this myself, so I invite you to book a one-hour session with me, dedicated to identifying where you are on your soul’s path and how to live it even more fully. Book it here.




If you are already on your soul’s path, there is a message to persevere, because you are on the right path. Especially if you are here and have taken the time to read this Intuitive Forecast to the end and are interested in this type of content.


Even if you feel that you are not as supported as you would like to be, the foundation is laid. You can’t fail! Maybe you just need more lightness. The latter is a strong message for November. So bring more lightness into your life. The second half of November will probably be quite energetically saturated, so it is all the more important that you achieve the vibration of lightness at the beginning of the month. Meditation with unicorns, which is part of a set of meditations for personal and business success, will help you with this. 





November’s energy is more open, it will be easier to relax and put down that weight that you may have felt on your chest or in the frontal part of your head.


Probably everything will be possible in November. Fill your soul with positive probabilities because this energy will relieve you and help you turn probabilities into possibilities, and decisions, and actions that will bring you closer to what you may still be longing for today. In a way, October was the month of manifestation, and if you’ve been paying attention, November will be the month of broadness. This means that everything you paid attention to in October will begin to expand and visualize in November.


I suggest that at the beginning of November you devote some more time to directing all your energy – thoughts, feelings, actions, attention – to how you want to feel, what you want to visualize and purify your energy so that this expansion will be what you want it to be, and positive.


Surrender to the guidance of your soul without restraint, control or conditioning. The soul knows and will guide you on the right path. Yes, if necessary, even risk it. At the same time, stay grounded. 





The most important thing in November is that you manage to relax. That you don’t try too hard to satisfy everyone’s desires, but you are somewhat relaxed and act from the field of relaxation. If necessary, start very consciously training relaxation. This is the feeling when you have no worries in life, when you are not pressed for time, when you do not need to earn anything to pay the bills, when the children and partner are OK, when everything is in a wonderful flow.


There will definitely be fewer conflicts in November. The collective energy will be peaceful. Peace is a vibration of bliss and enlightenment. It will be easier than ever before this year to be centered in the heart, in the soul. I have a feeling that we will start to recognise each other by our souls too. Not person to person with name and surname, a title, but soul to soul. The world will be a shade more beautiful in November than before.


So how can you use these beautiful energies of peace for your progress and the realization of your intentions?


The message is that don’t overexert yourself and don’t try too hard. Because when you are in your soul, you don’t need anything else. And this is where the creation begins. Yes, I know that it’s hard to grasp how this works. But it will help you to move from the mind, from the energy I must, from the energy it would be good, it is prudent, to the energy of the soul, which is the energy of peace and creation. The following prayer can help you with this, which will also help you strengthen the connection with your spirit and intuition and move into action according to the guidance of your soul:





Dear creator, thank you for the ability to see things beyond the illusion of the three-dimensional world. Thank you for the ability to let go of everything that holds me back from being able to open up to the wonder of the power and beauty of my spirit and soul and creation in the material world. I am asking you creator, I am also asking my guides and angels to make sure that my path of following the guidance of my soul and inner voice, making the best possible decisions for the good of everyone and everything is fully supported. I am asking for strength and clarity so that I can follow my inner wisdom and thereby help myself and others see only love in all situations, live my life’s mission and achieve my life, business and career purposes and daily goals. I allow grace to work through me and in me and accomplish all that I am called to do. So it is. Thank you.




Dearest, I wish you a relaxed November. I am inviting you for the last time this year, to Intuitive Leader coaching program that will help you create life, relationship and business according the inner guidance.



With love, Tamara




The energy will support you to take a step back, recognise what is right in front of you and use your Elite Mind to receive a deeper understanding of what is happening.




Ego will be tested. The ego will fight. Why? Because habits are the hardest to change, and the ego doesn’t want change. Spiritual testing continues into this month. But these kinds of challenges will probably be a little bigger than in October.




Channel yourself into truly radical spiritual growth and healing. Internal changes will quickly be reflected in the external world. The more relaxed you are, the faster this divine transformation will be taking place.

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