December is here. I am not feeling much supportive or uplifting energy, and I am questioning, why not? December is the time of the year I enjoy very much because of the Christmas spirit, lights, the warmth, family, new ideas coming in, and this beautiful expectation of what will the next year bring.




Collectively this December will probably be much different from past years. I am inviting you to create the energy and space for transformation so that you can finish this year strong. Keeping your faith making it stronger will definitely help.
2023 will namely be the year that will be offering some kind of golden foundation. This seems like canvas. The ones that won’t be able to achieve this plateau will keep on challenging their material foundations in 2023 that will most likely be rough.



December is bringing abundance of new opportunities. But it is necessary to keep the connection with oneness and at the same time stay grounded and rooted into the earth, to be able to recognise those opportunities. The world is changing. The ways of doing things and being are changing. Keep that in mind.


This is why I recommend this spiritual practice for December:

  1. Connect to the light above to the light of the creator.
  2. That may be hard in December. If it is hard for you to connect to the light, try this: 
  • go out when the sun is high up in the sky,
  • turn your body in the direction of the sun, 
  •  let the sun rays come down to the top of your head – crown chakra – and just observe if there are any obstacles on the way from the central sun to the top of the head. 
  • if you feel that light coming down bumps into the obstacle, ask if it is for your highest good for this obstacle to be removed. 
  • if it’s a yes, then ask the golden light of the creator from the central sun to remove it. You can also ask light doctors to help you transform this obstacle

3. Then let the light flow into your physical body and fill all the cells in your body with 1000 photons of light, organs, muscles, lymph, nervous system and bones.

4. Let the light step into the earth through your feet, and anchor into the earth chakra. 

5. Visualize or feel how these beautiful light anchors into the earth chakra forming beautiful roots from your feet into the earth chakra forming beautiful energy lines that are anchoring you into the earth.

6. Beautiful and strong roots are intertwining and rooting you in this moment in time and it is time for you to wish for something. For example you can wish for your life to move in the direction you wanted to go and to have strong material support with it.


This is necessary in December, and it’s one of the methods of grounding yourself. I’m sharing it with you because in December may feel like there’s no energy like there’s no potency, or like there’s dead energy. It will difficult to feel like you are in the flow with this energy of oneness, this high vibrational energy. And you may feel like losing trust into the creation itself. You can also lose trust if you are worrying too much if you want something too much, if you have problems in your relationships, if you are taking care of a lot of people, if you are bored, if you are doing things that don’t inspire you anymore.




You have to take time for yourself. If you think you can’t take time for yourself like you don’t have that time, you can for sure take at least three quality hours per week to reconnect and to fill your body with this beautiful light. If you still feel like you don’t have this luxury, then I regret to tell you are sabotaging yourself. This is the most important message for December because there’s a great sense of darkness present or you could call it dead energy which only you can feel with the light of your intentions.


Let me remind you that everything that is manifested is coming from the darkness to the light. For example, there is this IDEA that has no energy yet, and when you give it INTENTION you pour the light or life into this idea. And then this idea manifests. It’s the way some special masters can renew organs for example. They are renewing them from darkness in to light, as Arcadij Petrov says. So this dark matter will be present in December, and it is important, because from it you can grow anything you desire.


I am encouraging you to practice energy work and to use much greater and exponentially bigger potent part of yourself.

If you feel like you need help in regaining trust in using bigger potential that you are using now, definitely call me and I will show you how to become Intuitive Leader – charismatic, authentic, powerful, and strong. It is essential for the time to come. Namely we need to build on strong energy foundations that will carry us energetically, physically and psychologically.




I also asked what to advise if you fall into darkness in December. This means that you may lose this potency. Know how and when to recharge. 

The answer that comes is to spend as much time as possible in the sun and in direct contact with it. It charges you by facing the sun with your third eye and allowing the sun to shine directly into it. Solar energy is very powerful. Do not do this in the morning or evening sun but, if possible, when the sun is high in the sky. Also, don’t do it with filters on like sunglasses, or inside a room where you are separated from the sun by a glass window. Go outside and just stare at the sun with your third eye for five minutes. This will fill you with will, trust and positive energy and activate serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

You’ll need this. 

Everything will be much easier this way. Because emptiness or darkness will not fail to have a bad effect on your psyche. In this way, you will have a much greater opportunity to realize your purpose.




In December, it is extremely important to keep your vibration high and to endure. The meditation joy with dolphins will definitely help you with this. 

Also you can order your Personal intuitive guidance for 2023 in which you get guidance on:

  •  where energy will support you, 
  •  where there may be challenges and 
  •  where to steer your energy to create change and manifest desires in 2023. 
  • It comes on three pages, 
  • plus I will be answering one specific question for you in a recorded message.



We will be building our businesses and activating our potentials in 2023 on golden foundations. Hopefully in Passionate Living we will facilitate at least one retreat. If you are interested in connecting and swimming with dolphins, please contact me.



Nurturing energy is coming to the fore in December more than the nurturing or taking care of yourself there’s this maternal energy present. The question in December is how to be a good mother to yourself to your loved one’s coworkers or community?



 On this golden platform, as it appears in the Passionate Living, we will build our soul driven businesses and activate our potentials. 


May you also be inspired by the further development of the intelligence of the heart. This is very, very important. Calendar for 2023, I feel, gives this support so that you can act more activated than before. It is intended for just that and has three important dimensions:

– Practicality: clear planning of the month,

– Spirituality: Heart Intelligence meditation, intuitive and whale messages,

– Charity: 1 euro from the sale goes to the organization for the preservation of whales in the oceans and seas of this planet.

The calendar Inteligence of the herat comes only in Slovene language.



 There may be problems in relationships in December. Because those who don’t work every day to activate their higher potential and raise their vibration can weigh you down quite a bit. You will be able to solve this only with love and by accepting that people are just the way they are. But also, with the understanding that each person is on its own path, and that should be allowed.


How this will actually look like remains to be seen. The important thing for you and for all of us is to hold this golden energy, this golden foundation and vision, and not let these sticky energies pull us back. Therefore cutting the lower energy bonds with Archangel Michael is very important.




It is necessary to go back to the basics. We have already done a lot, got wings, flew, but now it is time to anchor and balance. December is not the time to take any big risks. If you feel like you’re standing still and stuck – and I feel that way myself sometimes – the message is coming that you need to hold on just a little longer. Something will change. However, in December we are once again in a period where energies can become saturated, a void is created at the end of the year, and then in the second half of January the energy begins to flow again. That may be challenging.


I will provide you with support throughout December in the FB group and personally. 


With love, Tamara


Patience is the mother of wisdom. This saying should be the guiding principle of the month of December. The energies of the month will also encourage you to do this, even if it will not be the most pleasant, especially if you are a person of action. However, here comes the assurance that your patience will pay off well


The biggest challenge will be to keep the spiritual foundation and strength it. This emptiness, this darkness, or non-energy can pull you in and affect your psyche and will to further spiritual development.



Focus your energy primarily on cleaning your energetic and physical space. This is extremely important in December. Also, regularly ventilate the premises, especially if many people change in them. Cleanse your energy if you are in places with a lot of people, which is especially emphasized in December. It is imperative that you keep your field strong and your desired vibration very consciously.

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