Is there a lot going on in your life, too? Do you barely have the energy and time to process things, and feel like you need more time to yourself?  Or maybe you’re confused and having and hard time keeping the focus?


March is still going to have that vibe. What I’ve been getting intuitively for the last three months is so hard to describe in words. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing the same thing over and over again, but there’s a message that it’s not the same thing.  It is an evolution.

The process of raising vibration and consciousness continues. In March, it seems like everything is about to change. It’s like our material reality is going to change. It feels like climbing a staircase and leaving behind the old and people who decide to stay. We’re waving goodbye.  Our decision is whether we take these stairs to the “unknown” or stay where we are. But this scene could be compared to a moment when you’re waving  goodbye while you get on a plane that’s going to take you where you want to go, but you’ve never been there before.


March is the month when long-planned dreams will become true. That’s a powerful message. It’s still important that you keep your focus and your energy. If you can do that, your dream will come true. There will also be greater clarity. If you’ve been a little lost until now, that’s going to start transmuting. It feels like the moment when you suddenly find yourself in a room without knowing exactly how you got there and what was going on in between.

You are where you are for good reason, and there’s nothing random about it. Remember that is March.


We are entering a new environment, or rather a vibe where we can design everything anew. There’s seems to be nothing tangible in this space. That’s why I encourage you to do everything, to observe everything in March with love and tenderness. Those two qualities are also at the forefront of March’s energy.

At the same time, I wonder whether the wars will end, whether we will be able to “heal,” and end the diseases, famine, etc. all the ailment of our civilization? The answer is that on the timeline of planet Earth, which we are massively leaving behind, it will still exist, but no longer on our timeline. The letter is the timeline that is metaphorically taking us to where we want to go and we were willing to “buy” this ticket.

In March, the story of February continues, when you can hold this ether, this reality in your hands and shape it like clay into what you want to see and live.

I feel like there can still be a lot of misunderstanding on how the manifestation works. But if you understand how things work in the quantum field, in a world of the smallest particles that make up all the matter, then it’ll be easier for you to understand and shape the world you live in. We talk more about this in Passionate living community, especially in the coaching programs Elite MIND and partly in Worth-it. You can join Worth-it at any time, and I encourage you to do this step, especially if you feel that you might be a little lost, or if you just want to consolidate your position in the material world and upgrade it.

The accumulation of of new knowledge is also at the forefront.

Its hard to know and understand how energy works and where it comes from and how you can connect to it and use it in unlimited quantities. Nikola Tesla has done this before, both for self-healing and life force, as well as scientifically for the good of mankind. I have a feeling that there will also be scientific “discoveries” in the field of energy use for the good of mankind coming out in March or soon. Of course, almost everything is already discovered, but it hasn’t gone into mass use yet. Well, it looks like the latter is about to change.

Do not be afraid to move on, even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going and even if your vision isn’t completely clear yet.

It’s important to follow your heart, the guidance of your soul. Because you can’t understand everything with your mind. You don’t have to understand everything, rather you must feel things. That’s why the development of the intelligence of the heart and unlocking the soul missions is so much at the forefront this year.

The heart is an intelligent being, as science has proven, because it has cells on the upper parts of its two ventricts, which are the same as brain. Greg Braden talks about it extensively. When you know how to look at things with your heart, you’ll understand them more easily. So, in March, indulge your heart intelligence, which will show the way, or rather, it will show you what you need, and what’s for your higher good and higher good of all. Because the brain and the mind are very much limited, and too often through them your lover self is expressing its limitations and fears.

Everything that needs to be learned in March will continue to come to the fore, especially the things that need to be transformed in order for you to be able to move forward.   

That’s why I am inviting you to spring/autumn cleaning. Take care of your energy field, think of it as a natural environment. In particular, the reminder is that this cleaning should be comprehensive and that we should devote ourselves to this a little every day.

This will open up new opportunities in the fields of work, housing, education and in general. Get help if you feel you need it so you don’t get lost in this empty but high-vibrating space that’s being created in March.


  • transform what is holding you back,
  • heal,
  • make a tangible plan on how to move towards your dreams,
  • let you guides show you what you may not see.

Here si what happens: “Something so profound and so transformative in me happened that I feel right about going to another dimension of perception…. great progress for me. I went into a conversation with you so carelessly that then I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t prepare a single specific question for you, but that’s probably why I got so much back. You really are a master, and your energy is the force of pure love. I’m immensely grateful that I chose you as my teacher. « – Petra Petek

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It is also highlighted what I have repeatedly emphasized for the last few years that where your attention will be the results will be visible.

Let this be your guiding force, and if you can make some negativity detox in March, it’s really going to come in handy. How to do that? Turn off the TV (a must), break the routines that tire you out even if they are spiritual routines, don’t hang out with people who are always whining, devote yourself to the vitality of your thoughts, body, and diet.

Where else can you make a negativity detox?

I encourage you to write these things down and take them into account in March. Also, send me some feedback on what changes you’re going to make in your life.

Above all, remember that everything you do with love births love. When love is the guiding principle of progress, that’s when we all gain. When deprivation, anger and fear are the driving force of progress, and then we all lose .

Have a wonderful month in March. What are you going to create? Do you know that every creation starts in the energy world? With an idea


With love, Tamara


It is a month of creativity, innovation and the birth of new ideas. You’re going to be very supportive of the latter. So let’s indulgein the energy of the moon, which shouldn’t be hard for you to be able to maintain your personal energy level at a high level.


Remember that you never get more challenges in life than you can handle. Some things are going to fall off, you can feel like you’re experiencing losses. Your commitment to your personal growth will also be tested.


Take care of your energy system, which should remain at a high level. This will BRING YOU creativity and help you stay in the flow with innovation, new ideas and new technologies. You should also set date deadlines for what you feel you have to do.

HEALTH: Nurture and recrete.

RELATIONSHIPS: Concentrate on the best in people and things.

LOVE: Act according to the instructions of your heart.

FINANCE: Open up ways to bring more joy and joy into life. This enegia announces growth.

SOUL: It’s time to share your universal bit and talent with the world. Become more visible.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Justice is at the forefront in all situations. Keep your sense of it and let go of your ego.


I follow the instructions of my heart and openly share my wisdom with the world.



I suggest the next ritual of the month, for which you will need more time, a canvas, or drawing paper and paints and brushes or crayons.

  1. Take plenty of time, at least one to two hours, you can spend in peace.
  2. Light a candle and let him play meditation music with the background.
  3. Have a canvas or drawing paper and intuitive drawing tools.
  4. Breathe in and out, close your eyes and connect to the golden light of the creator, who descends intothe ol, enters the darkness of your head into the body and spills down all over your body. This light is ingening your nervous system and filling every cell inyour m body with 1,000 photons of light.
  5. This beam connects you to Lady Gaya, and she sends you a wonderful motherly energy up, too. This one enters your body through your feet.
  6. The rays connect in the heart chakras area, from where the energy in the shape of the sphere begins to spread all over the  body, through the skin outwards into your field of control that fills it.
  7. Call upon Archangel Michael and ask him for his protective shield, call upon the Archangel Metatron, who aligns you with the 5D energy, and archangel Rafael for healing and their highest guidance. You can also connect directly to the creator, to oneness.
  8. Ask for guidance about your role in the path of the ascension of humanity?
  9. Start painting the answers on the canvas. They can come in the form of words, colors, pictures. Leave yourself to the Intuitive leadership of your leadership, which guides your hand, with which you put this leadership on paper, thus supporting the realization of your purpose.
  10. Take your time.
  11. When you’re done, thank everyone who worked with you. This spiritual leadership in the form of an energy painting should be based on your holy place. The picture will give you theenergy under your life of your highest vision. New opportunities will begin to emerge and new doors will open.
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