When I sat down to write the June Intuitive Guidance, the normal energy of the connection to the source changed and the Arcturians approached me. It was like listening to a radio station program being interrupted by a special message.


They intervened in an existing energy field with the following special message: 


The world as you know it no longer exists. Together, we have reached the zero point through which the old transform, degrades, and build a new one. The reach of the old and programmed to exploit you, consume your energy, and use you as batteries for its own purposes is no longer strong. However, as a result, you will start to see a lot of people who will be like zombies. It will only mean they are waking up from numbness, from a deep sleep. It will take some time to anchor themselves in a new awakened reality to start using THEIR energy for themselves, THEIR OWN mind, and fully activate themselves. 


In the meantime, all of you who are consciously creating a new age on Earth come to the rescue by sending them our blue ray of healing and activation of all parts of the DNA. This does not interfere with their free will, do not worry.

We’ll get to you in June, and we’ll be more visible than before, you may have already recognized us because we’re among you. The world you were born into no longer exists. The old structures have been deactivated. Everything that still plays in front of you, what you’re looking at through your screens, networks, and different channels is just a mirage. There’s nothing real behind it. All the players who lent their faces and voices were removed. 


How you can help is to answer the call of your soul for a chance to finally happen. You may answer a call to change your job or vocation, finally separate from your partner, stop hanging out with friends with whom you have grown apart, and are maybe even judging you and your decisions instead of cheering you on


Maybe you will stop hanging out with people or at events that exhaust you, switch off networks and TV shows that are just sand in the face, or even change towns or even countries.  This may sound quite radical, but the next stage in humanity’s evolution is coming, because, as we said, the old structures are falling apart. Many of you are on this journey. Connect with each other in a golden web of purpose, abundance, and new opportunities. We are here with our knowledge and technology to assist you in this.




In June, the cracks between illusion and reality or the call of the soul will be revealed very clearly. It probably won’t be pleasant and can have deeper effects on the psyche. Many of us have already overcome this chasm, and a lot of people are still in this process. They need help here. However, no matter which side of this rift you are standing on right now, know that the universe is responding to your intention. This means that it is necessary first to create a vibration of intention within yourself, then to take an action step, and then the universe will respond, not the other way around.




Be very aware in June of the fact that we are here to expand. To expand into our power, in our awareness of oneness and our individual role in it, and it to our potential. This expansion is like the big bang when energy accumulates until the moment when it explodes, and the fireworks are spread in space and time and from it generates countless new lights. That’s your role in June, that’s our role in June. 


What does that mean for you? This means to steer your energy towards strengthening the light inside until it spills and starts spreading through time and space turning on a lot of new lights. 


If you go into the flow with expansion and you let go of control, life will get a lot easier than it has ever been. 




Because that’s going to mean you’ve dropped the limitations and you’ve finally let yourself expand. 




If you find yourself before the abyss, know that there are many people – the lights – on the other side who have already crossed this abyss and have already walked this way before you. Get them to help you, and ask them for advice. 


Right now, I invite you to put your hand on your heart and listen to the whisper of your soul. 


The possible abyss will be there just to help you wake up and step into the path of light guided by your soul. 




  • transform what is holding you back,
  • heal,
  • make a tangible plan on how to move towards your dreams,
  • let you guides show you what you may not see.

Here si what happens: “Something so profound and so transformative in me happened that I feel right about going to another dimension of perception…. great progress for me. I went into a conversation with you so carelessly that then I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t prepare a single specific question for you, but that’s probably why I got so much back. You really are a master, and your energy is the force of pure love. I’m immensely grateful that I chose you as my teacher. « – Petra Petek

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In light of the messages coming in, I am guided to do something I have been working towards for a long time, namely to step outside the limitations of the material world and to trust in the divine abundance. I’ll be doing 30 min. intuitive ridings that will be accessible to all. I will only accept donations for them. I’m going to channel the messages of your guides and answer your questions. 

If you’ve been part of the Passionate Living Community for a longer time, then you know that a year or two ago, I wrote a lot about the soul wanting to express itself whether you want it or not. Well, that’s it. The feeling of standing at the edge of the abyss will only happen if you haven’t listened to your soul. Remember that what you desire is just a thought, just a feeling away, and start making your new reality by energizing it within. Every day, step by step, by energizing this path with your intention and taking inspired action steps.


In June, something seems to be falling apart. 


Although June is a beautiful and already summer month in the northern hemisphere, it looks like it won’t give us that vibe. Perhaps these etheric structures that are around us and that prevent us from accessing higher technologies that are good for all of humanity and higher frequency light codes will be falling apart. That’s not going to be like a walk in the park at first sight. June will therefore be the month of two realities. The old one will manifest itself as destruction and the new one will look like paradise and light.


HM – Intuitive Leadership Retreat offers a rapid expansion of consciousness and activation of the heart’s intelligence and potential with dolphins & whales and the extraordinary energies of the Big Island. If the dolphins and whales called you too, you are an important part of the mosaic of the transition to the new golden age and they have important information for you. They carry the frequency of joy with them and transmit their wisdom and information about what is happening on the planet through telepathic transmission and sound and heart intelligence activation. At Hawaii Mastermind, we also pay special attention to this and much more.



What does this mean for the Passionate Living community and all of us who strive to do more and get further into our personal and spiritual development? 


Stay within and centered. Because from the center, your vision will be powered, you’re going to be energized from there, and you will be untouchable in your center. Looks like the sensibility will be heightened too. Listen to it. Because it’s going to show you exactly what kind of environment is good or bad for you. This stance will also make it easier for you to make a long-term decision about your lifestyle. The latter will be encouraged. However, it is necessary to act purposefully and to implement internal and external changes every day to create this lifestyle. You may even find out that you already live your desired lifestyle and will be overwhelmed by great gratitude.




The naked truth will be even more visible than ever. Anything that people are using to project a certain image into the world, such as titles, visual accessories, or big shiny objects, will become irrelevant, or rather transparent. You’ll see right through it. In June the world may indeed be less beautiful than months before, but it seems necessary to see this picture to get motivated to roll up our sleeves even further and start creating this paradise on earth on a more realistic basis.


How are you going to create it? What does this paradise feel like?  Where do you feel it?  How do you visualize it?




Start creating a picture of your paradise on Earth and connect to a web of five-dimensional existence and into a golden web of oneness. This is important for June, which only illuminates itself by thinking about this vibe. So this information, this vibe is just a thought and a feeling away.


Be the change you want to see in the world are Gandhi’s famous words, which come back to the fore in June and bring motivation to continue to create.


I wish you an enlightened month, and I want to help you listen and follow the whispers of your soul. Click here and book yourself intuitive riding.  


With Love, Tamara



June’s energy will lead you to a rigorous assessment of your life and encourage you to start loving yourself even more than before. There will be an energy of optimism present that will help you quickly transfuse any restlessness that you feel into inner peace, strength, and inspiration.


The ego can be a big one. Especially when it leads you to reactions from a position that no one can do anything to you, or makes you oppose just because, thus putting yourself in a defensive mode. And especially if you think you can do it all by yourself.


Flexibility will serve you best. In June, the personal and spiritual growth that usually leads us to recognize the beauty of life will also show its other face. It will be necessary to step out of the comfort zone yet again and go into the unknown.

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