Things are starting to stack together. If, so far – and as a result of global developments over the last few years – things have seemed to be falling apart, in June new insights, knowledge, views, and even disintegration – internal or external – will begin to integrate.


Integration is a process I have witnessed since I have been working in intuitive mentoring for personal and business success. In 10 years in this field, I have seen some things take a long time to integrate, and some just fell in place right away. This depends on the openness, fluidity, and vibration of the individual.



The same will be happening at the collective level in July. Some will achieve these breakthroughs, which they have longed for some time, but it has not yet happened, and some will receive the first signs of internal change, which may come as a change in awareness or some revelation or aha moment. In short, there will be confirmation that you are on the right track or that it needs to be corrected a little, no matter how difficult or easy your path is right now.


We are growing stronger collectively in July. The energies of the month will be unleashing quite a bit of tension that led people to distress and stress so far. 




July energies will support us in the integration of new energies, which also shows that the changes we want to make will happen faster than usual. So pay attention to what you want, and also to what you don’t want. Because things are going to manifest quickly.


Exposure to this powerful energy of the sun, which is geographically at its highest potency in the northern hemisphere, is recommended. Fill with its energy as much as you can, but don’t get sunburned. The sun is still very strong.


There will be an acceleration of energy going on. This may be felt as tension before the storm for some, but for others, it will be even greater buoyancy and great potential.


There comes a message that there is a lot going on around us. In the sky and in the hollow earth but you have to know to look at it with your eyes and your spirit open. What does that mean? Just as battles on earth take place, battles between lower and higher vibrating creatures or different interests in the sky and in hollow earth are also taking place. Why is this important to us? Above all, to be aware that we are not alone and that we have far more support than we might think in freeing ourselves and living a culture of abundance, joy, and flourishing for all. Understanding that there is more than enough of everything for all is essential.




When the wounds of mankind heal, we will be stronger. When our personal wounds heal, we will be stronger. That’s an encouraging message for you if you are going through difficult internal processes right now. July will be supportive. Let the energy of the month brighten you up and awaken you to the new you. In doing so, the ritual of the month, which is part of the comprehensive Intuitive Guidance, will help you greatly. If you do not have it work on loving yourself more.


In the process of integrating and building your new energy, spiritual, mental, and in some way also physical body the tools learned in the INTUITIVE LEADER educational program will help you greatly. Book your free consultation with me here if you want to advance in your intuitiveness and intuitive leadership.

In June, something seems to be falling apart. 


Although June is a beautiful and already summer month in the northern hemisphere, it looks like it won’t give us that vibe. Perhaps these etheric structures that are around us and that prevent us from accessing higher technologies that are good for all of humanity and higher frequency light codes will be falling apart. That’s not going to be like a walk in the park at first sight. June will therefore be the month of two realities. The old one will manifest itself as destruction and the new one will look like paradise and light.


  • transform what is holding you back,
  • heal,
  • make a tangible plan on how to move towards your dreams,
  • let you guides show you what you may not see.

Here si what happens: “Something so profound and so transformative in me happened that I feel right about going to another dimension of perception…. great progress for me. I went into a conversation with you so carelessly that then I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t prepare a single specific question for you, but that’s probably why I got so much back. You really are a master, and your energy is the force of pure love. I’m immensely grateful that I chose you as my teacher. « – Petra Petek

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If you’ve been part of the Passionate Living Community for a longer time, then you know that a year or two ago, I wrote a lot about the soul wanting to express itself whether you want it or not. Well, that’s it. The feeling of standing at the edge of the abyss will only happen if you haven’t listened to your soul. Remember that what you desire is just a thought, just a feeling away, and start making your new reality by energizing it within. Every day, step by step, by energizing this path with your intention and taking inspired action steps.





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There is a message coming that energy will be antidepressant in July, making it easier to maintain high levels of energy and physical sovereignty and not encroach on synthetic chemicals that are actually destroying the crystalline structure and destroying the entire energy system. If you need encouragement or help, look for it. Because with a little help, you’ll be able to make this leap into a freer state and unleash the hardship you might be dealing with right now.




It also shows that some people are a little lost. Help them by lighting up their path. Here’s an opportunity for anyone who’s doing the light work in any way. But know that light attracts everything, even lower vibrations. When they’re exposed to light or illuminated, only then we can see them. The process of awakening the people who may be feeling a bit lost will be time-consuming and if you have such clients or people in your surroundings, it will take a great deal of compassion on your part to help them hold that high vibe. At the same time, there is once again a warning that it can be exhausting. You don’t have to help others at all costs. Because if you’re exhausting yourself in this process, you haven’t really helped anyone.




The world isn’t really as dark as it used to be. It’ll make it easier to understand if you can disconnect yourself from the mainstream media, which, that’s the message that it’s coming, is getting darker. It looks like the energy of July will also shed even more light on that side of mainstream media. Like governments, they can only exist because we look at them and give them our energy. It’s part of this great manipulation that has made us think that when we watch television, we receive, but in reality, we give them our life force. 




There’s going to be an imbalance here, too. Don’t be surprised if there are any power outages in July. That may happen due to inconsistencies in the fluidity of electricity. This is similar to if you put 10V of energy in 220V. This flow would not be aligned with the device made for 220V and therefore the image and sound would not have the potential to access the receiver. Or vice versa, if you put a 500V in the 220V reception device, it would have burned it out, wouldn’t it? 


It seems that this will be going on a lot in the near future. So pay attention to your energy fluctuations, your thoughts, and your feelings, because you too, with your energy can “burn” something, or some things may not get to the desired recipients. Because you’re a receiver and an energy transmitter, too. So make sure the energy flow through you is harmonious.


This also indicates energy fluctuations in all areas. But this is a good thing because it will shed even more light on things that can be manipulated and low vibration.


Dear, remember that the source/creator is just a call away and immediately accessible and above all always full of energy, with which you too can always charge. I feel like something big, beautiful, and potent is coming up. The more your days are imbued with peace and in the integration of higher vibrating energies, the better you will be ready to act in a new age of peace, abundance, and creativity.


In July, devote your time to integrating everything that is going on and balancing the fluctuations that have, or will, still be soothed. Bathe a lot in salt water and let it cleanse you and fill you up with potency.


I wish you a beautiful, sunny month.


Love, Tamara



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June’s energy will lead you to a rigorous assessment of your life and encourage you to start loving yourself even more than before. There will be an energy of optimism present that will help you quickly transfuse any restlessness that you feel into inner peace, strength, and inspiration.


I firmly advise you to deal with the impact of other people’s words on you. What sentences or words of theirs are in your subconscious and have an impact on your decisions. This could come to the fore in July like a cold shower.


Work on self-empowerment to the point where your inner voice is stronger than that of others.

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