3 steps to better intuition and empowered decisions


If you are not using your intuition you are missing out on opportunities to live a more harmonious and balanced life.


Intuition is like our navigation system for life without mistakes. Yes, a life without mistakes. It works like a classic in-car navigation system, which when we turn wrong starts saying, “Recalculating, recalculating, turn left.”

As you develop your intuition, all areas of life improve:

  • productivity increases,
  • the things you wanted start to appear miraculously in your life,
  • you receive creative ideas and answers to everyday challenges,
  • psycho-physical well-being improves,
  • you receive guidance (like GPS) on how to create abundance,
  • you receive accurate information about the people you interact with,
  • and most importantly confidence and the ability to make empowered decisions are enhanced.

We live in a time of great change, mixed information, and influences on what is good for us and what is not. That is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right decisions that will serve us individually as well as for the common good. However, there is still a prevailing tendency for people to make their decisions based on fear or, as I often hear, based on a lesser evil, which is a sure way to move away from what they want.



  • improve confidence and make empowered decisions, which are in harmony with the divine and bring more joy, abundance, and vitality into life,
  • make a move in the direction that has been calling you for a while, but you lacked confidence and courage to actually make the next step,
  • be able to quickly separate the voice of the ego from the voice of your inner wisdom.

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If you are joining us live, you will also find out what keeps you from 100% confidence in yourself and your inner voice and how the practical use of intuition will help you progress in all important areas of life. I will also be available for intuitive insights.

Intuitiveness is not some special ability given to use by only a handful of people. The key to unlocking inner wisdom is in each of us. The practical use of intuition helps you make the best possible decisions, find solutions to complex problems, feel better, learn more about the people you work with, the ability to see outside the box, and so on. It gives an authentic expression, a deep awareness of oneself and one’s role in the world, and some divine self-confidence.


Here are break-throughs of very special women who made a commitment to follow their intuition

“I moved forward every week, faster than ever.” – Maria

“I am much more confident. I have more energy than before, I feel inner strength. ” – Marjana

“I wouldn’t have a clear picture and goals for next year if Tamara weren’t by my side.” – Zana

“There is no money in the world that can repay this investment in myself.” – Lydia

“Even more impressive, however, was Tamara’s intuitive accuracy.” – Niali


Over the past seven years, I have helped more than 6,000 people achieve their personal or business goals by using intuition in practice. Some increased their sales by as much as 20%, others deepened their relationship with their partner, got the job they wanted, others stepped more confidently into new, more heartfelt directions of their lives, and so on. With the method of intuitive leadership, I developed over the years of serving the Passionate Living community, people striving for excellence have also significantly strengthened their confidence in themselves and in their decisions. In this training, I will show you how you can accelerate your success and how to use the tool that will help you in this – the intuition – that each of us has. Register now and join me live as I will also be available for questions, intuitive insights, and individual practical tips to help practice your intuition.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with you,


Intuitive Success Coach, founder of Passionate Living, and Divine Living, and ICF accredited coach.