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Authenticity, Miracles & Intuition
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If you received a number 5 or less on the first exercise in the webinar, you probably feer your intuition, and you are still thinking of this gift as a mystical one, instead of our natural state, which helps to create the best version of life.

If you received a number between 5 and 7 you are awakened, you know it exists, but you still trust the mind before intuition, and fears, what ifs, comparisons, anger, envy are emotions that still lead your decisions.

If you received a number between 7 and 9 you are following your intuition, but at really critical, important moments, you may still be scared and rely on reason first. I’m not talking here about jumping fro the plain without a parachute, no, but about knowing your own system of reason – intuition and using it wisely.

If you find yourself in the descriptions above and you didn’t get a 10, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this exceptional opportunity and sign up for a 12-week program INTUITIVE LEADER that will help you reach the peak of your potential and reach your goals faster than ever and save 350€.

All the creation, the universe works in the direction of pushing us out of boxes, outside of comfort zones to basically thrive as this is our natural state of existing here on earth. If you’re wondering right now, whether you are on the right track because you feel a little restless, somehow dissatisfied, perhaps even nervous, because you do not know what is going on, what will happen, maybe you’re ok and you wondering if there is more to life, business, relationships… let me tell you that you are on the right track.

The window of the world, how could it be is opening collectively. When we see the world as it could be, we can never return … However, the beauty we see can be so powerful that we do not believe that it is possible. And that set us backwards. But it is possible to live the best version of yourself of your life. Believe it is because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see it or feel it. When you’re able to step into your most authentic self, your truth, and follow the guidance of your soul and spirit in practice, only then can this vision also be alive in the material world in the form of more Abundance, happiness, health.

Would you use your INTUITION to:

Confectionery-100get clear guidance

Confectionery-100come up with creative solutions

Confectionery-100trust yourself and in decisions you are making

Confectionery-100get tips on how to create abundance and wealth

Confectionery-100get knowing about a certain person

Confectionery-100stay healthy

Confectionery-100have fulfilling relationships

Confectionery-100develop your potential

Confectionery-100create business that you enjoy doing and still make enough money

Mentors Profile

Meet Tamara Belsak; Leading Intuitive Success Coach

You may have heard about Tamara and her client’s success stories. She has helped her clients recognize the possibilities where they didn’t see them, tap into their heart’s desire and create a passionate lifestyle and business by implementing their INTUITION.

You may have been at one her webinars, programs or her exclusive intuitive retreat in Hawaii, or you may have downloaded her oracle cards – The Eye.

Tamara helps entrepreneurs bring out their leadership qualities by accessing intuition, learning to trust it, and also enrich their life in every way, spiritually emotionally and materially. She helps people recognize what they are passionate about and make it into a successful business. Besides being certified intuitive coach and using intuition as the navigational system for a life without mistakes, Tamara also incorporates building business systems and structures into her coaching. She is a branding specialist and storyteller.