Passionate Living coaching programs with Tamara Belsak, Intuitive & Success Coach

Private Coaching

One on one private coaching is for you, if you desire to reach the next level in your professional or personal life faster by tuning in to your intuition, mindset, work in your own time with a coach in a private, safe and warm environment. It is your ticket to accelerated way to finding that missing part of the puzzle for success, completion, and passion for being.


Group Coaching

Group coaching is for you if you desire to make it to the next level in your life or business, make new connection, surround yourself with highly vibrational community of like minded people and have the best out of Passionate Living programs for the best price, an still express your art of life and success and still achieve desired results in material world.


VIP Intensive

This VIP intensive is for you, if you desire to overcome blocks in life or business and create inspired action plan that will help you grow in business in life. Get to now yourself inside and out, tap into your unique reason for being, which is the foundation of creating a life you love and heartfelt and at the same time sustainable business that will support your lifestyle. 


Tree Of Life Analysis

Rediscover your divine gifts and purpose in life. Find your message, bring your talents to front and express your uniqueness with more clarity. Step out to the world enriched, and empowered in faith to live your purpose in life. It is a map of self discovery and a confirmation of what your divinely guided purpose in life is, showing you – like a divine compass – which path to take.

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Don’t learn your lessons the hard way! INTUITION is your inner guidance working like a GPS leading you towards HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE which are your natural states of being.

#1 key of success

The number one key for a successful business owner and a masterful coach is to know yourself inside out. Lets get started by discovering your unique reason for being which will help you create a life you life and business that is sustainable and in alignment with your desires. When expanding, common sense might make you loose trust in what you are doing. You ought to have the best leadership there is. If you didn’t know it you already have it, because intuition helps you get in you power into your most resourceful state. Don’t learn your lessons the hard way! INTUITION is your inner guidance working like a GPS leading you towards HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE which are your natural states of being, given to you by birth. Intuition is always more or less gentle leading you towards living your best life in full expression, authenticity, power and potential.


I desire woking with you if are ready to say a big YES to yourself, embrace your unique divinely given talents, skills and knowledge, and implement them to live the best version of your life. Learn how to use your divine tool – intuition – and create a purposeful and heartfelt business that supports your lifestyle and with bigger vision a better world. I strongly believe that HEART driven BUSINESSES, work places and lives are the key to successful life, both material and spiritual.

Developing and implementing your intuition is about who you become in the process – A FULLY EMPOWERED BEING. 


My promise to you is full presence with a you in a loving and cozy atmosphere that will inspire you to open up to your intuitive gifts, endless possibilities, embrace yourself in fullest potential and live the passionate living you were meant to live in happiness and abundance.