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  • You will learn how to attract things to your life without effortlessly.
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A program, like Intuition – Basics you can’t do without – can cost you € 794 or more and NONE of them can hold a candle to this program Intuition – Basic’s you can’ do without.

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  • come up with creative solutions,
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But why trust me. Here is what clients are saying

Thank you for this course, for encouragement, faith in me, and for finding my family again as well as focus on my life’s priorities. There is no money in the world that can repay that investment in myself.

Lidija Rakusa, Slovenia

I was delighted by the variety of resources and skills Tamara wove together and how this worked. Even more impressive was her intuitive accuracy…noteworthy given we’d only just met. 

Niali Muir, UK

”  Several times I was surprised when Tamara used intuition to discover where the real problem is and how to best approach it.

Nevenka Muzic, Slovenia

 Course information

Eazy & Practical Step By Step System to start using your internal GPS for a life without mistakes – INTUITION – Basics You Can’t Do Without

The way to tune in to your inner wisdom is set up in a way you will easily understand and most importantly start using it every day. Tamara will invite to 50 min. video lesson that will help you through this process. Plus you will get a workbook with practical exercises and a BONUS if you buy the course today, meditation In Harmony With Spirit, worth €17, that will help you get into the most synchronic flow with new learnings and practical use of intuition.

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