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Hawaii, Big Island is one of few places in the world where you can swim from the shore with free dolphins. Tropical climate encounters with dolphins and whales, meditations and workshops are designed to revitalize both your body and spirit. If you desire, at least for a moment, to step out of the matrix of everyday life and connect with the spirit of ALOHA, strengthen your inner powers and trust in your inner wisdom, then this retreat is for you. Reconnect with your vision and let go of all that no longer serves you, so that you can go back to your life & business more confident, more empowered, more creative than ever. Relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit in the tropical climate of Big Island, excellent fresh and healthy food and the presence of angels of the ocean, the dolphins, and whales, Vulcano and lava rocks with the certified success coach and intuitive mentor.

Tamara Belsak

Intuitive Sucess Coach, who is swimming and telepathically communicating with dolphins since 2012

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Lidija Bozic

The program was excellent.

After Tamara presented the Hawaii Mastermind program, I couldn’t let go of my desire to swim with free dolphins. The first major challenge was the decision itself; can I go at all, can I indulge myself, can I allow myself this retreat in the view of the challenging situation within the family, my fears, doubts, beliefs that I was facing after a few years of intensive work on my personal and spiritual growth.

But now, two months after the retreat, I can only say that for me, there is life before Hawaii Mastermind and life after the Hawaii Mastermind.

Intuitive Leadership retreat with Tamara is an unforgettable and great life experience, a turning point that transformed me into a joyful and creative state of being.

After returning from the retreat, I have gradually, spontaneously, gently, barely noticeable created many changes in my habits, reflections, reactions, attitudes towards myself, to other people, perception of reality.

I feel reassured, trustful, joyful, in acceptance, fears are disappearing, as if the last layer of everything that was moving me away from genuine self was removed. This spiritual journey has changed me forever and transformed me from the caterpillar – which has been trying to unwind for long seven years from its own limitations – into a butterfly of rainbow colors. It has transformed me into a free, joyful, courageous person.

The energy of the island, the energy of the mighty volcano and lava, the energy of the magnificent ocean, the energy and the consciousness of wonderful, lovely dolphins, the angels of the oceans, who had taken me over more than I could possibly imagine, are gifts of creation that have anchored in each cell of my body forever in the unprecedented greatness.

I am grateful to myself, my spiritual and angel guides, and to the closest souls that have supported me, for the courage that I have allowed myself to disconnect from everyday life and to begin the most beautiful journey of my life…… a journey to myself, to my original essence.

Tamara as an excellent intuitive mentor has enabled me to opene links to the consciousness of the creatures of light and creation, and major transformative processes have been activated. I am extremely grateful to you, dear Tamara, for taking on this wonderful mission in such a glorious way.

I am grateful for all the intuitive insights, orientations, confirmations, and exceptional heartful facilitation, mentoring and support. I am grateful for the wonderful mastermind group, who, together with me, have been given invaluable experiences and the activation of a remarkable transformation.

The truth is that all the happenings and experiences deeply touched my soul, that changed me on a  cellular level. I am no longer the same as I was before. I experienced much, much more than I could ever imagine and received remarkable gifts of insights, the inner strength to allow myself to be the best version of myself and to live in joy and fulfillment, with renewed foundations, new goals, with full self-confidence and trust in my intuition and spiritual guidance and the universe.

Now when the experiences of Hawaii Mastermind are getting settled in and the results of movements that have been triggered by the program are happening, I see and perceive the wholeness, the mighty, the greatness, the power and the immense proportions of the entire journey of Hawaii Mastermind – Intuitive Leadership Retreat and the values of time spent with intuitive mentor Tamara.

This program is for anyone who needs or is willing to allow shifts in their life to a higher frequency, aligned with the vibration of their core essence, their soul.

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by Tamara Belsak

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