F A S T   T R A C K   T O   E X P A N D I N G   C O N S C I O U S N E S S . . .


1th to 10th March 2024 – FULL

15th to 24th March 2024 – FULL

7th – 16th MARCH 2025 now enrolling

Hawaii, Big Island was one of few places in the world where you can swim from the shore with free dolphins. Tropical climate encounters with dolphins and whales, meditations, and workshops are designed to revitalize both your body and spirit.

If you desire, at least for a moment, to step out of the matrix of everyday life and connect with the spirit of ALOHA, strengthen your superpowers, and trust in your inner wisdom, then this retreat is for you. Reconnect with your spiritual guidance and let go of all that no longer serves you, so that you can go back to your life & business more confident, more empowered, and more creative than ever.

Relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit in the tropical climate of the Big Island, excellent fresh and healthy food, and the presence of angels of the ocean, the dolphins, whales, Vulcano and lava rocks with the certified success coach and intuitive mentor

Intuitive Sucess Coach, who has been swimming and telepathically communicating with dolphins since 2012

Note: The US government has banned swimming with spinner dolphins in Hawaii. We can only connect with them from a boat or swim with other species if we encounter them.

About the retreat

We will be connecting with wild Hawaiian Spinners of shore and on three boat trips as well as connecting with whales. Through our encounters with dolphins, we will be raising the vibration of joy, and presence at the moment, expanding our consciousness, and learning to communicate with them on the telepathic level.

When we get out of the water after swimming with dolphins our whole body vibrates on a whole new level. Dolphins and whales are opening our heart chakras, thereby helping us experience a deeper connection to all there is. We will also be exchanging frequencies of wise love with whales, and enhancing qualities of Intuitive Leader within.

You will be supported during our transformation by the energies of this unique island, among them the ocean, the Volcano, and the Hawaiian Goddess Pele. She will assist us in the process of releasing and bringing to life all of the ideas. Polulu Valey, Black Sands, and Mauna Kea.

The letter is another extremely energetic point on the Big Island. It is also known as the doorway of the souls, through which Hawaiian people entered these grounds. We will also look at the sunset and the stars on the Mauna Kea Mountain. All of the places mentioned are providing us with supportive energies for transformation, and manifestation.

We will meditate at the energetic places on the island, and work on our Intuitive Leadership qualities and mindset through daily practical exercises. 

You can expect profound transformation on a personal, professional, and business level.

You will also have private time with Tamara – one hour of individual coaching, which alone is worth the investment.

About the Hawaiian Spinners

The Hawaiian name for dolphin is Nai’a and refers to most all dolphins found there. Hawaiian Spinner dolphins are shaped and colored somewhat differently from other species of spinner dolphins. With 13 species of toothed dolphins (Nai’a) swimming in the tepid waters of Hawaii, the most common are the Hawaiian spinner, spotted (Kiko), bottlenose, and rough-toothed dolphins.

So-called for their high, spinning leaps, spinner dolphins are known as playful, eager bow-riders throughout much of their range. In specific areas in Hawaii, you can see spinner dolphins and swim with them on an almost daily basis.

About the island

Hawaii, commonly called the Big Island, is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago in the central Pacific. Its diverse terrain spans colored-sand beaches at Papakolea (green) and Punalu’u (black) to lush rainforest and, within Volcanoes

National Park, has 2 active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Hapuna Beach and Kahaluu Beach Park in the west are known for snorkeling and water sports. It represents root chakra among Hawaii islands and therefore at times rough energy. Thoughts become things there very fast.

zdenka peternel

Swimming with dolphins is an experience that you can not compare with anything. Energies on the island are magical. When I was dealing with my obstacles, Tamara always helped me with her extensive knowledge and support. Thank you. It was magical.

MIHAELA LEDERHAS; www.vibraplus.net

It is true that you do not come back to the same person again if you only allow you to see and feel what is not visible to the eyes. And already what you see in Hawaii is beautiful… Legacy? In fact, everything I’ve defined on the retreat as my goals for the future is coming to fruition. Of course, everything is a process, but the picture is 100% clearer than it was before the retreat. And the gifts from there are precious, as they have opened up the horizons, I have not even dreamed about before.

My life has not been the same since that trip to Hawaii, and that’s the honest truth. Something very profound happened to me there, and it was life-changing. If you are led to go, you NEED to GO!! You will not regret it!!


I decided to join the retreat because I felt you, Tamara, too. There was no room for anything else, and, in fact, nothing happened over the mind. The heart knew. Your generous, selfless, enormous heart, the fusion of beautiful words, our mutual interactions, and understanding of me and other girls in the simplest possible way, and at the same time so very grounded. It had to make some sense, and it had it. It brought more joy and ease into my everyday life. No need to prove myself to others anymore…


A typical day

In the mornings we will meet to connect with our spirit and receive guidance for the day. Except for the boat trip days, when we will have an early morning.

We will meditate at different places on the island, that will energetically support our processes and manifestations.  We will be working every day on Intuitive Leadership Qualities, mindset,  and ways to enrich our daily lives. We will share cars to be able to move around the island and will be staying in the suggested accommodation.


Intuitive Leadership Retreat is for You If

You are all about excellence in your personal life or business

With experienced international Intuitive & Success Coach  Tamara Belsak

Want to take your spirituality to the next level

Take time off to connect with the spirit in one of the energetically most supportive places in the world.

Want to learn from multidimensional dolphins and whales

Vibrations of joy, wise love, and developing your sixth sense.

Want to finally release all that no longer serves your purpose

There is always work to do in this area. Move through potential struggle, and fear and set fertile ground for growth.

Want to transform into a better version of yourself

Tamara will be there to guide you and help you practically implement new ideas in your personal or professional life. The expansion will happen naturally.

To relax & revitalize in the tropical paradise.

It is scientifically proven that salty ocean and warm tropical climate works beneficial to our body and spirit.

To be a part of the mastermind community and expand your consciousness.

One person can only do so much; a bunch can move mountains. You will get a new family of like-minded friends that will help you feel good and grow. Priceless.



At this enriching retreat, you will be able to step out of the matrix for a  while, set aside your overloaded mind and reconnect with your intuition, with your passion, with everything that you desire to transform and manifest in your life.

What is included in this retreat
  • Shared rental car, and gas.
  • Nine nights accommodation (shared room, 2 per room),
  • Three boat trips to connect with dolphins and whales.  We will be able to watch them from the boat and connect with them.
  • The Intuitive Leadership Program, coaching, intuitive guidance, and meditations.
What is not included

Food and travel to the island, tips which are about 60$ for the boat crew and 15% to 25% in the restaurants.

Pricing and Payment

The investment in the Hawaiian Mastermind – Intuitive leadership retreat is €4,400. For early registrations up to the 15th of June save €100. A fee of €500 is required upon registration. Reservation is nonrefundable. We recommend booking a call with Tamara to learn more about the program. You can book an appointment by writing to us at: info@tamarabelsak.com.