Tune In to the Manifestation Process using the right Tools with
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The Universe has provided you with unlimited resources, health, clients, and money. All you have to do is open up to receiving all the good that is waiting for you on the other side of your limiting believes about life, relationships, money. This program is your opportunity to step more fully into the person that you are being called to be. Move forward with the ‘I CAN’ attitude.

While the clients you serve, family that you have may look extremely HAPPY, you might be struggling: 


how to make the money,

how to move on with your plans,

how to change your line of work, and make it more fulfilling

how to travel more,

how to have greater impact in the world?


It is what you believe that is holding you back for having it all. Do you want to recognise your limiting believes  and transform them? Thank this program is for you. You can do it yourself with the Manifestation Superstar Program. I have made this really simple for you.

The more time, effort and energy you direct toward what’s possible, the better results you’re going to attract. But, you must believe before you see

The program Manifestation Superstar will help you with the tools you can use every day, again and again to achieve your goals, whether it is:


 more fulfilling job,

 more clients,

 love partner,

 or simply a new car.

“The Manifestation program made me realise that my mindset is the most important thing in my business. The mind can be programmed for success or failure and it is up to me how I program it.”

Aska, Get Ready For Love Coach, www.getreadyforlove.uk

Creator just wants you to be happy. That is all, so it will provide if you are willing to receive and do your 20 % of the work.

You CAN Have It ALL when tuning in to your Intuition and match the vibration of your desire.
You are meant to live your desires

In this powerful home study program I will show you the exact formula I use in my business, life, and with my clients to be able to consciously create what they desire. 

I don’t hold anything back, and I freely share my own experiences and mistakes. Everything suggested in this program is proven, over and over again by myself and my clients.

Tamara Belsak, Intuitive Success Coach

Founder of Passionate Living

I am recognising over and over again, how important are those 80% of the work that the universe is doing in our behalf, or creator, or the one thing that created us and with whom we are connected into eternity. All creator wants for us is to be happy. More than that, I am happy to hear from my clients successes.

I started doing manifestation exercises more than decade ago. I made a clear and precise decisions, researched the tools that would come in handy and that lead to things manifesting in great and unbelievable ways.

Your were born to this reality to develop, grow spiritual and enjoy the things that material world is offering. Yes! Material things. Its is very spiritual thing to have material things too. It is all one, until you leave this realm. When you monitor your energy, your thoughts and your feeling than you are allowing your life to be easy. It si your choice.
Whatever it was that you have taken in this or past lives, you can undo them by identifying you negative believe, programming that you were subjected to form your family, environment. If you want support, freedom and wealth than it is time to change that and fully grow into the person you cam here to be. When you bring conscious awareness to subconscious pattern, than things will shift for you. But you have to do things every day to create the reality, the change.

“Anything less than our highest choice is serving limitations, fear and lack, and can only bring something which keeps us settling instead of thriving.”

– Robert Tennyson Stevens

It all begins with what YOU choose to think 
“As you think, so shall it be!” Until you put it into the practice you will never know what else is possible for you.
Today is your day to anchor in the wisdom shared and really take a stand both energetically and physically for the life and business you require and make a non-negotiable.
Thoughts are just things and you can chose new thoughts in each moment that are in alignment with your desires that you take a stand for!  Get clear, get specific and do what you can do in each present moment to be moving toward your desired outcome.

Here is what you can expect

    clear you energy space
    create space for your desires to be realised
    recognising what is limiting you
✪    transform what is limiting you
    reprogram your mind
    adopt a mindset of a successful person
    get clarity about your desires
    learn to attract what you desire

“Well, I applied what you suggested, and I already have the results. We sold the house, I got the money I needed and soon I am starting to build a new one. I am happy I made it and grateful for you coaching. All is going according to my plans.”

– Milica, Insurance Affiliate
The formula of reality you are experiencing is pretty simple 
CLARITY (thoughts) + INTENTION (feelings) + INSPIRED ACTION (work)
If you desire simple and powerfool tools that wil help you create the reality you want to  live in 100% of the time from joyfull relationships, job that you love waking up to, and mor emoney to enjoy the lifes simple pleasures, than MANIFESTATION SUPERSTAR PROGRAM is made for you.
You can get it right now!
for ONLY $29.00

$ 97.00  

I wanted to make it super easy for you so that you can do it every day alone not needing to go to workshops or private programs. If you want to up level your own life, but not only your life, also many people around you, stop delaying.

Fill out the form below and get instant access to your program.

 Here is what you are getting


30 pages of exercises and inspired guidance


15 min


a loving guide through clearing of limiting believes




Are you ready?

Enrol Now!

My dream for you is to realise you desire, and to learn doing what makes you happy: 
 to have as much money as you desire, 
 to live where you desire, 
 to have a fulfilling work, 
 to attract fulfilling romantic realationship…
I am committed to deliver the promisee. The only commitment that I want from you is to follow the guidance. All you have to do is ReSet to Succeed! Transform your thoughts, and get yourself into natural flow of prosperity.
“I have manifested a new car instantly. I am manifesting my new job now. I have the confidence now and understanding that clarity  about desires is really important, so I am clarifying my new job now and manifesting it. I see now how the system works.”
– Violet, Public Official

I wanted to make it really easy so that people can do it FROM YOUR HOME.

If you want to up-level your own life, but not only your life, also the lives of people around you, get started today.

NOW for ONLY $29.00


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

“I am so absolutely sure that Manifestation superstar program will help you manifest your desires. You have – NO-question-asked – 60-day money back guarantee. Go through program, and complete the exercises and worksheets as is suggested. Be coachable. If you don’t feel like you are on your way to become Manifestation Superstar, I’ll refund your investment. Give it a try… You have nothing to lose!” If you have any questions, give me a call. I am here to support you on the way to success. CLIK HERE and schedule your call.

Passionate Living by Tamara Belsak, Intuitive Success Coach

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