Tamara is helping entrepreneurs from all over the globe access intuition, learn to trust it and enrich their life in every way, spiritually emotionally and materially.

Tamara Belsak is an intuitive Success Coach. She can help you recognise the possibilities, tap into your heart’s desire and create a passionate lifestyle and business by implementing your INTUITION.

Tamara helps entrepreneurs bring out their leadership qualities by accessing intuition, learning to trust it, and also enrich their life in every way, spiritually emotionally and materially. She helps people find out what they are passionate about and make it into a successful business.

Besides being certified intuitive coach and using intuition as navigational system for a life without mistakes, Tamara also incorporates building business systems and structures into her coaching. She is a branding specialist, copywriter and social media expert. She is ready to work with people who want to kick-start their lives and start living their life to its full potential.

Think of her as an Ana Sui dress; playful, colourful with a touch of glamorous… and so much more than ordinary! Tamara’s promise is to be fully PRESENT on the journey with you, as she guide you in a LOVING and WARM atmosphere, full of INSPIRATION and one that will open you up to your INTUITIVE gifts and the ENDLESS possibilities available to you. As your coach, she will gently show you how to connect with your fullest POTENTIAL and help you manifest your PASSIONATE living presence. Tamara will help you through the process of MANIFESTATION and show you how to accomplish your DESIRES through INSPIRED action.

Tamara’s Story

I have been from thick and thin in my life as I am sure you have had your share of it too. If I weren’t so stubborn, which costed me a lot sometimes, but helped me a lot too, god knows where I would be now.

I always listened to my heart at the end. What I have created for myself during my time here on earth is freedom that I strive for. Coming from middle class family, divorced parents, three siblings, you might imagine that the life was pretty dynamic…  and determined. School, Studies, Job, Work for 40 years and maybe get some of the pension from what you put in states’s pension fond. I could not settle for that.

My life changed after I lost everything at the age of 26. That was the time I should be on the peak of my life. I was young, energetic, I thought i could move mountains. Instead I had to start all over again. I started looking inside. Due to what was happening when I lost everything, my job, money, car, rent money, partner I have had migraines, anxiety attacks etc. Being the person that I am I never settled for that, have got back on my feet, lost the migraines and anxiety and started creating Intuitive Lifestyle, mindfulness and awareness based life.

Intuition knocked pretty hard on my door. I literally lost everything in one weekend. Long story short. I fully recovered. Stronger, more empowered, better me. I have a family I was longing for since I was little, and I even have a dream job, helping people become their best selves, create heart driven businesses, have happy and fulfilling lives by using their divinely given gifts.

Intuition guided me to start my own business

After returning to work from my second maternity leave, the three of us, my daughter, my son and me got ill. This was not normal for us, being normally very healthy. I was exhausted even after few months having small children and a full time job, regardless of very supportive man that I have in my life luckily.

I stopped and asked myself: What is the point in life when you are being exhausted  parent, spending all of the vital energy at work, with some left for the afternoons with children, and non for yourself and your partner.. Is that the purpose in my life, to spend my next few years like that, working all day, let somebody else measure my  time and how much I can earn, go to holidays twice per year, and that is it?

My intuition was pretty enhanced by that time, so one day, shortly after that, I wake up and said to my husband, I will start my own business, so that I will have the freedom of time and it will be up to me how much I earn. I literally had somebody pushing me on my back saying: Start your own business, Start your own business. The guidance was so strong, powerful and real. In the next fews months my own business became a reality.


Tamara did a bachelor’s from Journalism. She wrote her thesis on Public relationship in Organizations. She has worked as a journalist, in marketing and advertising, and then for more than a decade in PR. Developing her intuition played a big part in her life, beside family and work. She later became certified intuitive coach, ICF accredited. Now she feels she can really make a difference in the world by empowering gorgeous, glamorous, beautiful women and man.


For the fifteen years she was studied practical use of intuition, spirituality, universal laws etc. She is CERTIFIED DIVINE LIVING COACH, INTUITIVE CONSULTANT, she studied TREE OF LIFE, a roadmap of self-discovery for over a year, different healing techniques, reality management by Grigori Grabovoi, Quantum Power with Jean Huston and more. Tamara incorporated all of her talents, skills and knowledge into her coaching method, thus serving her clients at the highest level. Her nugget is Hawaii Mastermind -Intuitive Leadership retreat where she helps leaders from all over the world expand their consciousness and step over the limitation with the help of dolphins and whales. She is also and author of Blast Through to Your Personal Power By Using Intuition book, published on Amazon, and coauthor of oracle cards The Eye.