AVAILABLE DAYS: 11th, 12th December 2019


(available also as an online VIP DAY at 20% off)

The number one key of a successful person both personally or professionally is to know yourself inside out. In the one day intensive you will tap into your unique reason for being which is the foundation of creating a life you love and heartfelt and at the same time sustainable business.

Who is this for?

This one-day intensive is EXCLUSIVELY for women who currently yearn for more FREEDOM, more JOY and want to invite PROSPERITY into all corners of their lives.

It is for you if you are devoted to your spiritual and personal growth if you are not afraid of working intensively in your business and life if you are willing to implement what you have learned. The system of Intuitive Success Coaching that I have developed will assist you with taping into your INTUITION, learn to trust its guidance and implement it. You will tap into the power of MANIFESTATION by practically deleting what’s blocking your spiral of success that you yearn for.

  • Get clarity on your desires.
  • Clear the blocks that are currently holding you back.
  • Learn how to use your INTUITION – your inbuilt navigational system that will enable you to MAKE better decisions that are aligned with your vision.
  • Take the next step towards living the lifestyle YOU DESIRE.
  • Do things on YOUR terms, TRUSTING your intuition and to be COMFORTABLE with the choices you make!
  • Set a clear intention and create an action plan to JOYFULLY move forward with your personal life and business.
In short, I am ready to work with you if you are commited to kick-start your 2020 and with FULL potential.

This one day intensive is the PERFECT kick-start for you! You will leave the day with a renewed sense of PURPOSE and a CLEAR action plan for moving you personaly and your business forward by IMPLEMENTING YOUR INTUITION, pdf’s, exercises, mapped out step by step plan following by one followup Skype hour after few weeks.

Of course you COULD continue doing what you’re currently doing and do it alone. In my experience it would certainly take you a LOT longer to get the results you deserve… but with enough determination, clear focus and motivation, you’ll get there in the end, I’m sure.

What’s involved?

This one day intensive is split over 8 hours. In the morning we will be focusing on you and your mindset by looking at:

  • Desires and goals
  • Clearing the blocks and learning to trust our intuition
  • Successful Mindset

After lunch you will be focusing on your business. In this afternoon session we will be covering:

  • Getting clear on your identity – creating a marketing plan that works for you!
  • Implementing your intuition by setting up the structure that supports that.
  • Creating a visual representation of your ideal lifestyle and business that corresponds.
  • Creating a step by step plan to manifest your goals.
How much is this intensive?

I’ve priced this competitively, to ensure those who need it can afford it, but high enough to provide ONLY those who are committed to their growth will be on this one day intensive. I can guarantee though that you will be the QUEEN of the day, you will BE HEARD, and you will be NURTURED and taken cared of.


The investment in this VIP INTUITIVE LEADER DAY is €1.100

(there is also a payment plan available – 3 payments of €440)

If you not entirely sure yet whether this intensive is for you? Book a Strategy Call and let’s find out. This 30-minute strategy session is free of charge.

Are you currently where you want to be?
Are you happy?
Do you have a full life, a blooming business or a great job, a partnership that is loving supportive and nurturing?
And by the way, how is a relationship with yourself going?
In short are you living your life accordingt to your values, desires and aspirations?
Here are some facts

People who are making decision based on their intuition are significantly more successful than those who are not.

John Mihalasky’s research is surprising. Among the directors who ranked high for using intuition in their decision making 81 % managed within five years to double the profit. While only 25 % of directors that ranked average or low in using intuition in their decision-making, reached the same results.

By understanding how this system works and taking inspired actions you will create the desired life, whether this is more fulfilling work, balanced relationships, more money, more freedom, more purposeful and joyful life. You will know exactly what is your next step in life.

Whenever I haven’t listen to my intuition I had to repeat the lesson, only that time it was even more complicated and much more work to do around that specific thing. My passion is to help people create passionate life and successful business by implementing intuition.

Fill out the discovery call form and schedule the Discovery call. It is a 30 min strategic evaluation of where your block us and how to move on in the letter of your success. I am here to help you see the possibility. It is free and all information is kept strictly confidential.

Here is how Strategy Session works

We will talk about where you are at, what is blocking your desired outcomes, and what action steps need to be taken to help you in your business and life. Take over the wheel of your life, listen to your heart, combine it with action, and stop detouring.

I have seen that when you truly desire something the door opens and you go for it, no excuses. Healing takes place during the process when you are moving past the obstacles and acting on behalf of your desires. It is like playing a video game. To go to the next level, you have to solve many tasks and go beyond many of the challenges. Until you do it, you are on the same level and starting all over again. This process can be pretty exhausting. But once you move on to the next level, you have opened yourself up to a new environment, tasks, challenges, and you change forever. You can never go back.

There are no words that can describe the positive feelings of getting closer to oneself in an empowered, confident, independent way. Accessing and Implementing your INTUITION is about who you become in the process.

You’re warmly invited to fill out the form before booking a Discovery Call. By filling out the form, we will be able to be more aware of what your specific needs are. I am looking forward to our call.